Why is Personal Cyber Security so important?

Is cybersecurity important? The short answer, yes. However, cybersecurity is more important than you may think. Continue reading to learn more about why cybersecurity is so important to businesses and individuals of personal interest.


Cyber attacks have become increasingly more common over the years as hacker technology continues to improve, and more humans are purchasing electronics. Between 2013-2015, the number of cyber attacks around the globe nearly quadrupled. The efforts to fight back against cyber crime (update security, more staff, and destruction of data) is going to cost trillions of dollars. Cyber attacks on medical devices are expected to grow to $101 billion by 2018.


Cybersecurity is a serious concern because of the level of severity of attacks. Hackers are getting more sophisticated with their plans. They are causing more damage to organizations and homes. All government employees are at risk of someone stealing their information. The Obama administration wanted there to be a $19 billion budget for the fight against cybercrime. Donald Trump signed an executive order in May to fight back against personal cyber security.


Rubica uses real-time analysis to prevent personal cyber security attacks. All you have to do is download their app on your smartphone, and they will watch for threats behind the scenes. Your personal cyber security is important to them. Rubica will alert you of any suspected account fraud. You can see charts with analyzed data explaining activity spikes across all of your devices.