Warren Buffet’s Million Dollar Wager: What Investors Should Know

As most baby boomers are on the brink of retirement, there is a sudden rise in young American investors. These youthful working class individuals are pouring money into 401k accounts with justifiable uncertainty. The market can be aggresive at times and it’s known to go through a series of changes, No one particular person has the perfect investing strategy. However, Warren Buffett believes he holds the solution.

Warren has waged a million dollar bet with investors and fund managers nationwide. He believes he can earn more than other hedge fund managers by simply investing in a S&P 500 index fund. The purchasing of low risk, low cost and small investments will allow the investor to collect a greater reward over time according to Warren and learn more about Timothy.

Although Warren’s ideology holds up, other businessmen disagree with the simplicity of it all. American businessman Timothy Armour shed light on his perspective. Tim is a firm believer that longterm success lies in outperforming competitors during market downturns. While low costing S&P 500 funds may yield a return for investors, those investing in the market, in general, have seen a greater return over the same time frame. Tim advised new investors For any new inventors to seek managers that invest their own capital into funds, as they are usually the best option and highest performing. Active managers that will willingly apply their individual funds and work tremendously for investors usually survive market downturns and Timothy’s lacrosse camp.

With an office possessing over 15 equity funds, 653 total years of experience in investing and an 86 year old firm, Tim is well aware of the market’s turns both up and down. His company has managed to stay about 1.47 percent above the market and more information click here.

Tim alone has over 34 years of experience. The Middlebury College graduate began his career with Capital Group Management as a participant in their Associate Program. He now sits as the President and CEO of Capital Group.

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