Troy McQuagge Wins Big at One Planet Awards

The One Planet Award Gold Winners for 2017 have been announced, and Troy McQuagge has been named as the CEO of the year. This news is hardly surprising considering the work that he has done and the results he had with USHEALTH Group, a company that was practically throwing its last kicks when he took over as president and CEO in 2014. He served with the company as part of USHEALTH Advisors, the captive distribution arm of the company and it is his success at rebuilding this arm and turning it around to profitability that led to his promotion to the position that he now holds.

The One Planet Awards is a premier awards ceremony that is held once every year. The purpose of the awards is to recognize and award teams, top executives, innovative services and products as well as marketers from different organizations and operating in different parts of the prize. While accepting the award, Troy McQuagge described it as a special honor especially because it meant that his work was being recognized and appreciated by his peers. But, in a great show of generosity and the team atmosphere at the company, he added that the award was for the entire team at USHEALTH Group. This is because the group worked so hard to make the business successful in the recent years.

US HEALTH Group, Inc. is one of the biggest insurance holding companies in the US and has its headquarters located in Fort Worth, Texas. The company focuses on providing innovative insurance solutions within the health sector for small business owners, self-employed individuals and people who do not have a regular job.

Troy McQuagge has more than thirty years of experience working in sales related positions. From 1983 when he started his career selling health insurance covers at Allstate Insurance, Troy rose slowly up the ranks through sheer hard work, joining the Health/UICI market in 1995, moving to USHEALTH Group in 2010 and rising to the helm of the company in less than half a decade.