The USHEALTH Group’s Quality Customized Services

The USHEALTH Group offers insurance services through its subsidiary Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life Insurance.

The company provides innovative insurance products for accident, disability, and specific diseases. The insurance wing of USHEALTH has served millions of people for several years. The specific disease package offered by USHEALTH is attractive because they cater to the unique needs of different customers.

They also take care of the needs of customers constrained financially by providing first dollar services and discounts. In addition, the company offers more secure and tailored products for clients who can afford. All the covers provided by the company ensure the protection of customers by providing their full line of ancillary products.

The USHEALTH Advisors is the wing of the business that mainly focuses on marketing the portfolio of the organization. The advisors in insurance ensure that the customers are guided when deciding on the product to acquire.

The chief executive officer of the USHEALTH Advisors wing encourages people to make a career out of sales. Research from previous and present employees of the organization shows that the advisors earn from between $73000 to $200000 a year.

The staff, management, and contracted agents of the USHEALTH Group all work on the principle of HOPE. This is an acronym for Helping Other People Every day, which stresses the company’s commitment to providing specific services to all their clients. Learn more about US Health Advisors:

Crunchbase revealed that the USHEALTH Advisors is a privately held company formed in 2010. It has offered employment to about 500 people since it was established.

The USHEALTH Group was named among the 2013 top 50 North American call centers showing their commitment to customer service. The company also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for its outstanding reputation in customer care services.

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