The Intriguing and Insightful Information in Oncotarget

Oncotarget is one of the most intriguing and insightful medical journals that have ever been published over the past decade. Having been established in 2010, the journal exclusively contains information and research on every salient aspect of oncology—the scientific study and treatment of tumour. Other critical aspects of this remarkable oncology-centred journal include the fact that it is published by Impact Journals and that it is an open access journal that is peer-reviewed on a weekly basis.

The transformative nature of this journal is exemplified in one of the articles that delved greatly into the pandemic of leukaemia. Authored by Marcos de Lima and Sergio A. Giralt in December, 2010, the article’s abstract seeks to explicate the medical jargon that is contained in the article itself. The author affirms that one of the major factors that cause treatment failure and critically limit the options for treatment after an allogenic transplantation for AML and MDS is recurrence. Consequently, the administration of low-dose Azacitidine after the allogenic transplantation would significantly keep Recurrence at bay.

The article also encompasses the conclusive details of the research that was carried out by the authors in order to establish just the right and safe dose and schedule combination. The method that the authors deployed to determine the dosage was the Bayesian Adaptive method that was based on both time and toxicity. The research included an investigation of various combination of daily Azacitidine doses and different schedules. Ultimately, it was conclusively established that the combination with optimum results was a 32 mg/m2 that was administered over 4 cycles.The article subsequently asserts that the 32 mg/m2 administered over 4 cycles is ideally safe and ensures that the Leukaemia patients survive the transplant without any other uneventful contingencies.

In sum, Oncotarget is an insightful journal that I can recommend to both patients and medical practitioners to read since it conveys priceless medical knowledge that can enable them know how to counteract any health hazards that may impede their day-to-day lives. Quite importantly, Oncotarget gives insights to medical practitioners, especially with respect to how they can provide the highest quality medical care to tumour-related conditions.