The Ingenuity of Lori Senecal

What makes a talented business professional? Is it being properly educated and trained by the best? Is it just a well of natural talent? Only the individual themselves can honestly answer the question. In the case of Lori Senecal, it’s probably all possibilities combined.

Based on her work ethic, Lori’s career is probably driven by her own goals. Professionals like Lori Senecal tend to work for a company for a few years before moving to another company. Surprisingly, in the short years she works for a company, she grows that company immensely. Her time at CP+B is not going to waste.

In an article on Campaigne Live, having joined the company in 2015, Lori’s been reworking the business and culture of their brand. Within the first year, Lori made the company more inventive and agile. She was also named the company’s first Global CEO. Part of her new responsibilities is furthering the company’s expansion by coordinating with the company’s international offices.

Lori’s ingenuity is driven by her leadership skills and strong focus on results-oriented goals. Nearly every tool and trick of the trade fuels her ability to grow a company far beyond its domestic reach. A lot of that talent has been used to grow CP+B into what it is today.

Obviously, all of her hard work has not gone unnoticed. Lori Senecal’s won numerous awards and been recognized by several organizations for her talents. In 2016, she was listed as one of the “Agency Executives to Watch”, and she won the Titanium Grand Prix at The Cannes Lions Festival.

Being that Lori’s a serial-professional, she’s worked for numerous companies before CP+B. In her career, she worked in the New York office of McCann Erickson. There, her work got the company listed as one of the “Standout Agencies” in the New York area for three years in a row.

After leaving McCann, Lori Senecal joined KBS as their new Global Chairman and CEO. It was just a matter of time before she’d grown KBS into a 900-person operated international company.

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