End Citizens United Campaign Finance Reform Strategies to “End” Citizens United

When a group called Citizens United sued the Federal Electoral Commission (FEC) for withholding the right to air its ad “Hillary: The Movie”, many saw the federal court’s decision expected. This was because Citizens United failed to reveal who funded the ad, or how much it would cost to air it, as it is required by federal laws that all political ads funding be identified. Citizens United were not satisfied with the decision and took the cases to the US Supreme Court which overturned FEC’s. This happened two years later when President Obama had already been in office and the campaigns over.

Most people did not expect such a decision, and it sent a widely drawn debate with opposition against the court rising relentlessly with Public Action Committees (PACs) being formed. End Citizens United was established in 2015 as part of the political effects to help look for a legal way to overturn the ruling.

The long-hour film was a personal attack on Democratic presidential primaries candidate Hillary Clinton. When the ruling was made, it meant that the right to freedom of speech was overlooked unlike it is stated in the First Amendments of the U.S. Constitutions to corporations. Here they were allowed to influence the outcome of elections. It is important to note that most US corporations are multinationals, and have substantial foreign interests which can translate to considerable funding in an already plump US election system.

The ruling allowed for anonymous and unlimited campaign funding by corporations that would drastically increase television and radio ads during electioneering period. In addition to the tiresome ads voters have to face, donors were given no responsibility for their funding. Additionally, the Republican Party was at an advantage due to its high link and connections with wealthy individuals who own some of the biggest corporations in the US.

End Citizens United means what its name spells. Using grassroots funding to counterbalance Citizens United’s corporate funds, this PAC uses the fund on Democratic candidates who support their efforts to counter the complications of the Supreme Court’s ruling. End Citizens United seeks to front the campaign finance reform in the national political arena. This includes Constitution amendments to allow the right of speech to be only on individual citizens and not corporations.

They support only candidates who show firm pledges towards campaign finance reforms as part of their strategy to reach their goal. End Citizens United grassroots funding is aimed at creating a broad coalition of Americans with the specific goal of campaign reforms building a political activist feedback loop.

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