Jason Hope and SENS Foundation on the path of getting an anti-aging drug

The SENS Foundation and Jason Hope are together focusing on the development of an anti-aging medication. The CEO of SENS Foundation commented on the $500,000 donation by Jason Hope. Mike Hope stated the importance the contribution was going to have to fasten the process of getting solutions to the diseases that affect the elderly in our society. The generous donation by Jason Hope and other donors was going to help SENS come up with new biotech ways of fighting the aging process.

To be specific, Audrey de Grey who is a co-founder of SENS Foundation mentioned that the contribution by Jason Hope was going to prevent the bonding of artery-cell proteins. This was a very specific mention because De Grey would like to stop the hardening of arteries that trigger high blood pressure. These issues are among the leading causes of disease and conditions that speed up the process of aging; for the most part, these diseases cause death to most patients who get afflicted by it. This project will also go ahead to prevent diabetes, skin deterioration, eye problems, and other common conditions.

Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution. De Grey, scientists, and researchers believe that human beings have the potential of living more than 1,000 years. While these extensions of life cannot be within reach in the near future, De Grey and his supporters and colleagues believe that by learning how to confront cellular causes of growing old, there is a possibility of finding a way to reduce the aging effects to a minimum or eliminate it altogether. According to De Grey, he indicated that the breakthrough would not be with the intention of lengthening the period of aging, but it will offer a long healthy life to most people. People will become more physically strong in their old age than we have experienced.

The donation by Jason Hope will help in the development of the AGE-breakers medications which are engineered to eliminate end products of advanced glycation. As we age, the glycation products accumulate in our flesh, causing our skin and veins to become rigid. The increased rigidity can lead to age-related diseases like high blood pressure and others. Although we have seen medicines of AGE-breaking in animals, the breakthrough in humans is yet to be made. That is where SENS Foundation steps in, to research more on the potential hypothesis that has not been explored, to see if it can change how we age and live.

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