Success Academy Is Recognized As The Winner Of The 2017 Broad Prize

Success Academy was established on a simple premise that every child can succeed at a remarkably high level. The organization has a network of 41 free, public schools. The institution was instituted in 2006 as the Success Academy Charter Schools. It ranks as New York City’s leading and highest performing free, public charter school network. Admission is open to all the children from the New York State, including English language learners and children with special needs. Students are admitted to the institution through a random lottery that is held in April of each year.

Success Academy runs 41 schools that serve 14,000 students in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan. Notably, 76 percent of the students across the network come from low-income households, 8.5 percent are present and former English language learners, and 15 percent are current and former special needs students. Children of color comprise about 93 percent of the total student population.

Recently, Success Academy won the esteemed Broad Prize for its accomplishment in closing achievement gaps. It was also recognized for improving academic performance for children of color and those from low-income families. The prize, $250,000, is given yearly to large charter management institutions. This amount shall be used for college readiness plans. The prize was presented to the institution in Washington, D.C. at the National Charter Schools Conference.

Eva Moskowitz, the CEO and founder of the Success Academy, said that she does not believe ZIP code have a say on the future. As she accepted the honor, Moskowitz reiterated her organization’s success. The executive said that she wanted to show what was achievable for children if they were willing to reinvent, re-imagine, and rethink schooling. Eva pointed out her plans to expand Success Academy to 100 schools catering for 50,000 students. According to her, the outcome of a network of that magnitude is similar to the Boston or Atlanta school systems. Additionally, she contended that schools should be places where children would love to go to even if they do not have to.

In addition, Moskowitz announced that Success Academy would inaugurate a digital platform to share its curriculum, pedagogy, training, and school design. The platform would also facilitate the sharing of other intellectual materials with different charters across the nation. A 10-member selection committee recognized Success Academy for its academic results and scalability.

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