Succeeding in Real Estate Investing; the Story of Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is one of the most successful investors in the real estate industry. He has been in business for the past few decades and has managed to improve his investment portfolio. Unlike most of the investors that started out with him, when Todd was starting out, he did not have a lot of financial support. The only thing that he had going was great business ideas. When he looked at the investment options that he had at the time, he realized that real estate investing was one of the most lucrative and decided it was going to be his niche.

He got some training as a realty agent. Then, because he did not have the capital to go out on his own, he started collecting references and contacts within the industry. These included players such as realtors, property valuers, CPAs and many other professionals. These connections would eventually become very instrumental for him because he used them to start his first referral business.

The one thing that Todd usually says about business is that you know you are doing it right when you provide the client with a service that wasn’t open to them in the past. This is what Todd Lubar aimed to bring to the real estate investment sector. He had realized that there were many inequalities in the business and in particular, the fact that there were some people who did not have the privilege of accessing services such as mortgages. This became his target market. He looked for backing from the right financial institutions and started a mortgage lending business for people whose credit scores locked them out of the conventional mortgage market.

This is a move that has considerably paid off for Todd because over 7,000 individuals who were previously unable to get a home have been housed, all because of his efforts. Todd has managed to make the dreams of owning property come true for people who previously thought it was impossible. Besides his business and entrepreneurial exploits, he is also a family man. When Todd Lubar is not working, he either spends time at home with his family or takes part in various charities.

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