Securus Technologies Background Information

Securus is a technology company that offers technological security solutions for both criminal and civil justice systems. The company’s main objective is to modernize the incarceration experience and at the same time improve public safety. Securus Technology offers powerful technology solutions to thousands of correctional, law enforcement, and public safety agencies. The solutions are easy to use and accessible. The high-tech software solutions are produced through a collective effort of the company’s team of designers, technologists, and engineers. Securus helps in making the world safe by providing monitoring products and services, inmate self-service, information management, public information, incident management, investigation, and emergency response services.


The company’s headquarters are located in Dallas, TX. Securus began its operations in 1986 and has over 30 years of experience in the industry. Correctional facilities in over 48 states are its major clients. Securus has regional offices in Atlanta, GA, Allen, TX; and Carrollton, TX. The company has more than 140 patents and is considered as the leading innovator in the industry. Securus’ leading security platform is the Secure Call Platform (SCP) that has over 2,200 installations. Securus has over 150 Field Services team members that are always available to provide assistance to all the facilities that use the company’s services.


Securus’ Customer Comments


Most customers are grateful to Securus for helping them obtain search warrants using information from phone calls. Correctional facilities like the company’s services because it assists them in monitoring inmate calls. Through the platform, the facilities are now able to easily monitor inmate calls that contain suspicious information. In fact, the management in one corrections facility confirmed that they have been able to detect cases of suspicious conversations, threats, access to cellular devices, drug selling, and inmate alcohol use through the company’s monitoring tools. The company’s investigative tools are also commonly used for investing potential security threats to the correctional facilities and complaints of harassment.