Ronald Fowlkes: Military Supply

The military is one of the most important thing in our country. They protect u from al outsiders who would seek to destroy or take over our way of life. Their job has several complex functions that must be performed with the right training and the right equipment. If they don’t have these crucial components the entire countries safety could be compromised or destroyed. Fortunately, there are people and groups who have decided to help the military get what they need to do there many jobs successfully. One if the people is Ronald Fowlkes.

Ronald Fowlkes is a former military member himself. While in the military he did many different jobs at one point he was a member of JIEDDO the joint improvised explosive device defeat organization and was tasked with mounting and disabling infantry operations in the combat zone. Some of these operations included work with deadly explosives. Ronald Fowles also has experience as a former Marine as he served from 1989 to 1993 and as a SWAT team member in St. Louis. With over 13 years in law enforcement experience and the even longer time as a military member he has vast experience and knowledge on what the armed forces exactly need for success. That is why his job as the Manager of Business Development with Eagle Industries under FirstStrike is such a good pairing. He is responsible for demonstrating operational development experience and to decides what products will be manufactured and shipped out to retailers. He first noticed FirstStrike while he was in the military and noticed the high quality and the reliability that was characteristic of the gear.

He believes in teamwork as a key component to his entire operation. Under his supervision members from different divisions of the company work together to get products out. He is very focused on the future and re4cently has developed some new sets of gear that are based on laser cutting and tube technology. This new equipment us 40 % lighter than the previous versions and the industry standard. With people like Ronald Fowlkes on the case the military will have all of what they need to be successful.