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One Must Begin by Taking a Step Backwards and “Journeying Inwards” – True Self-Discovery for Better Self-Improvement, According to Ricardo Tosto and more information click here.

It has been said many a time, but it bears no less repeating: To look inward is to find the answer to all of life’s questions, challenges and future holdings, for they all begin here. Indeed, to discover oneself and the world around involves a journey that must begin in the heart, soul and mind; the body, the will and the emotions hold the key to greater understanding – God gave us these for a reason, and find it we must. Proper self-improvement, in any of its applications, will always begin with a thorough self-analysis and self-assessment of one’s many aspects: One must look at his own strengths, weaknesses, past successes, past losses, present standing and future goals – as well as his greater relation to the current national and international economy and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.


The Full Immersion and Nothing Less – Ricardo Tosto Expounds

If one wishes to improve in any area of his life – or even in all of them simultaneously – then he must incorporate all of the best aspects of life into one organized, holistic package, and that alone will present its own challenges. He must read, exercise, meditate, socialize, laugh, travel and “philanthropize”. Not only will doing so provide a deeper level of culture and human understanding that will later apply itself to any area of business or personal life, but it will also open up doors for new relationships and Ricardo Tosto on Facebook.


Ricardo Tosto – Personal and Family Hobby

Ricardo Tosto and his family have skied and snowboarded since 1998. They have bought ski poles, snowboards, helmets, gloves, body wear, snow boots and all other such essential gear. They love it. They have used the following product brands and many more that Ricardo himself cannot recall:


  1. Burton
  2. Ride
  3. GNU
  4. Libtech
  5. K2
  6. Forum Snowboarding
  7. DC
  8. Rome SDS
  9. Rossignol

Ricardo Tosto resides in Brazil. He works in the legal field. He delivers results!

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