Reviewing EOS : Many Flavors With Healthy Touches

The modern generation is vastly delving into personal grooming. This move has shaped the character of many with most investing in lip balm products. Well, as the market for lip balm continues to take a diversifying platform, most people wonder which brands are not only there for beautifying purposes but also safe to use. Unlike in the past where lip balm products were only for women presumably, the new generation has involved men in the search. EOS lip balm is a brand that accommodates everyone. Years back when it was launched, a little was known of it. Chapstick was the prominent lip balm product. It took a lot of marketing for EOS to win more market shares.

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According to Sanjiv Mehra, a co-founder of the brand, EOS has grown its market shares since the launch. The excellent performance of this brand is owed to extensive brand research, a project that he took over with the help of Jonathan Teller, his partner. Through research the duo settled on some of the most admired colors. The tastes of these flavors are also features that can speak for the huge market shares. EOS lip balm has a series of flavors that you would not want to miss, hit this review. Celebrities have been using it since the launch. The brand has been making a huge buzz in the industry of oral care. To most users, cherry and mint are the most loved flavors.

Most clients are retainers. They have also introduced their friends to the brand. Here are two types of the same brand that people cannot stay away from:

  • Organic Brand- in this category, EOS has Pomegranate Raspberry, a brand that has no paraben. This is a defining factor for most users. Paraben is toxic to the skin. Aside from the first ingredient, this brand of lip balm offers maximum hydration to your lips. It also accentuates beauty.
  • Organic Lip Balm – passion fruit flavor falls in this category, refer also to It is also a lip balm with no paraben. The ingredients are jojoba oil in addition to shea butter.

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