Renown Health; A New Approach to Community Healthcare

Renown Health has made public, its plans of opening another clinic in the region of South Reno. The new home of the leading healthcare provider will be based at the Summit Mall. Some of the services Renown Health is keen on providing in this new establishment include primary health care and laboratory services with an opening for expansion of its services in the future.

Talking to NNBW, one of the medical directors of the company explained that Renown Healthcare had employed a more appealing design when building the new clinic. The clinic will spot a more comfortable and relaxing look and feel just like the living room of most homes.

Patients should expect more space and extra facilities such as a conference hall in case patients, and their families want to confer with their doctors.

The new branch of Renown Health will have 11 members of staff. The company is also planning to acquire the services of one more physician and an additional nurse. The clinic shall cover a large office space of over 10,000 square feet. Amidst all the uncertainty that has swept across the healthcare industry with the entry of Donald Trump as the president of the United States, Renown Healthcare is still keen on providing quality healthcare to its clients.

Renown Health stands as one of Reno’s only not-for-profit healthcare network that is run locally. The reason why Renown Health is important to the people of Reno is the fact that all its earnings are reinvested into initiatives, facilities, equipment, and personnel so at to provide outstanding services to the Reno community.

The company can put the interest of the community ahead because it does not have a group of owners or shareholders that it has to satisfy. Additionally, the people from the local communities have a say in how resources are utilized in the organizations. As many as 150 individuals drawn from the local communities of Reno serve on the boards of Renown. Click here to know more.