Ronald Fowlkes: Military Supply

The military is one of the most important thing in our country. They protect u from al outsiders who would seek to destroy or take over our way of life. Their job has several complex functions that must be performed with the right training and the right equipment. If they don’t have these crucial components the entire countries safety could be compromised or destroyed. Fortunately, there are people and groups who have decided to help the military get what they need to do there many jobs successfully. One if the people is Ronald Fowlkes.

Ronald Fowlkes is a former military member himself. While in the military he did many different jobs at one point he was a member of JIEDDO the joint improvised explosive device defeat organization and was tasked with mounting and disabling infantry operations in the combat zone. Some of these operations included work with deadly explosives. Ronald Fowles also has experience as a former Marine as he served from 1989 to 1993 and as a SWAT team member in St. Louis. With over 13 years in law enforcement experience and the even longer time as a military member he has vast experience and knowledge on what the armed forces exactly need for success. That is why his job as the Manager of Business Development with Eagle Industries under FirstStrike is such a good pairing. He is responsible for demonstrating operational development experience and to decides what products will be manufactured and shipped out to retailers. He first noticed FirstStrike while he was in the military and noticed the high quality and the reliability that was characteristic of the gear.

He believes in teamwork as a key component to his entire operation. Under his supervision members from different divisions of the company work together to get products out. He is very focused on the future and re4cently has developed some new sets of gear that are based on laser cutting and tube technology. This new equipment us 40 % lighter than the previous versions and the industry standard. With people like Ronald Fowlkes on the case the military will have all of what they need to be successful.


Challenges Facing New President Of Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Bradesco, Brazil’s 2nd largest banking institution will be headed by a new president since 2009. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the current president and will be stepping down after the Ordinary General Assembly (AGO) meeting in March. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been with Bradesco since 1969.

Beginning his career as a bank clerk in Marilia, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has held many titles during his time with the company, and it this diversified background that made him one of the top leaders of the company. The 2015 Entrepreneur of the year, Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is faced with yet another challenge during the last months of his presidency.


The process of selecting the next president is one the company takes very serious and despite the pressure to name the next president, CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco assured the company will move forward in manner defined by previous administrations. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has also revealed Lazaro Brandao the current Chairman of the Board has officially retired, and has handed in to the board his official letter of resignation. Now Luiz Carlos Trabuco is faced with not only the process of appointing a new president, but also the next vice president.

Of the seven vice presidents considered Octavio de Lazari Junior, has been named the next president. Luiz Carlos Trabuco says Octavio de Lazari Junior will officially be appointed during the Ordinary General Assembly (AGO) meeting in March according to Octavio de Lazari Junior, a veteran of the company began working at Bradesco in 1978, and was appointed to the board as vice president in 2017. The new vice president to take Octavio de Lazari Junior’s place will be Carlos Alberto Rodrigues. Mr. Alberto Rodrigues started with Bradesco at the age of 13. With Lazaro Brandao’s resignation as Chair, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will be both Chairman of the Board and President until Octavio de Lazari Junior is appointed during the AGO meeting.

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Jordan Lindsey Forex Gains Ongoing

Jordan Lindsey knows that value is everywhere in the Forex market. At this point the daily average Forex trading volume exceeds 1.8 trillion dollars daily, yet we have seen weakness in the US dollar considerably over the past year. More recently there is strength in the British pound. That strength drives a number of factors, a key factor being rising inflation. With the bullish trend of the GBP/USD now more than a year old Lindsey’s proposition that 7 percent returns are attainable on a continual monthly basis lets traders know they still have an edge.

Growing up, Jordan Lindsey had the mind of an entrepreneur. At a young age he knew that he wanted to be the creator of something that would change the world. Even then he was designing businesses and searching for ways to make things better. It is Jordan Lindsay’s belief that failure leads to success. He attributes trying new things and pushing yourself beyond your limits to moving beyond mediocrity. He believes that if you never fail, you will never learn and that failures can lead to the greatest successes. The concept is that you only have to get it right once, no matter how many times you have failed in the past.

Originally from New York, Jordan Lindsey attended St. Joseph’s College and Mount Angel Seminary. He is a self-taught programmer, systems architecture designer, veteran algo trader, and the founder of JCL Capital. His company gives average investors the opportunity to gain significant monthly returns on forex trading with a systematic approach.

Jordan Lindsay has lived abroad in Mexico, Argentina, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. He appreciates sharing ideas and is an individual who thrives on innovation. For example, the energy of San Francisco immediately struck Jordan the first time he visited. He was highly intrigued with the way people shared their ideas and how they encouraged one another to create. It was only within a few months of returning to New York that he relocated to San Francisco. Jordan Lindsay’s creation of the cryptocurrencies first 100% transparent trading bot is one of his highest achievements.

AIA Is A Game Changer

The United States based organization for architects known as the American Institute of Architects has been run by Robert Ivy for the last seven years since he has been promoted to the role of chief executive officer. The American Institute of architects has done an excellent job due to Robert Ivy and his leadership skills. He has prepared them to support other architects in the 21st century by teaching them the skills and techniques needed in these new times. He has been able to take the business in alignment with both his gifts and his passion.

Robert Ivy is an architect at heart and has a Masters degree from Tulane University. He would use that degree to gain a job at McGraw-Hill construction as their vice president. While he worked for McGraw-Hill construction he would also continue as the editor at the Architectural Record. His use of this media Corporation led to him being a prominent figure in the architecture world. Not only was he able to lead a business, he had what it took to lead an entire profession.

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It is Robert Ivy’s goal to continue speaking to the world and advocating for architects who consider the political issues of their day to focus on sustaining the environment. He teaches tactics and techniques that are able to be used to bring this goal into reality. Because he has been a constant advocate for political issues and natural sustainability he has received Jesse H Neal awards.

As CEO, Robert Ivy began changing the inner workings of the American Institute of Architects so that they could further their goals in the 21st century. It was at the Clinton foundation that he proclaimed to everybody that the American Institute of Architects would dedicate themselves to what he referred to as the decade of design. The decade of design was in initiative from the American Institute of architects where they would dedicate the next 10 years to research and develop solutions that architects could use to promote the areas of public health, resiliency challenges, and also sustainability. His announcement was met with why the claim and loved by all. The American Institute of Architects have been pushing for this goal for some time. They want to unify the environmental and human needs to be core to the organization’s mission.

Robert Ivy frequently hold workshops and seminars to equip architects for this new future.

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Jeunesse Global focuses on creating entire generation that can defy effects of age

Few people in the world have what it takes to create a lasting, successful business. Even fewer have the skills to start a company from scratch and take on some of the biggest names in the corporate world. But such is the case of Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the Florida couple that founded Jeunesse Global in 2009.

After attempting to accustom themselves to the lifestyle of the newly retired, Ray and Lewis both realized that they were not cut out for the boredom of retired life. The call of the fast-paced world of entrepreneurialism and business began calling them back into its grasp. Before long, the serially entrepreneurial couple had founded yet another company. This one they dubbed Jeunesse Global, in reflection of the company’s mission to promote youth-enhancing products throughout the world.

From the start, Lewis was able to quickly begin developing revolutionary products that were designed to fill market niches that had been left unattended by the biggest names in the health and beauty industry. At the same time, Ray began recruiting some of the top product distributors throughout the world, bringing on board direct-marketing superstars throughout the East Asia region and elsewhere. Combined, these factors caused the newly formed company to explode in a supernova of growth.

Both Ray and Lewis knew from the company’s inception that they wanted to do something special with Jeunesse. The couple, then in their 70s, had already attained great wealth and had built several highly successful businesses throughout their long and successful careers. With Jeunesse, they were looking to make a statement that would serve as a capstone to lives spent creating great companies.

Part of the mission of Jeunesse has always been to create what Ray and Lewis refer to as Generation Young. This is a name the couple has given to the first generation ever that will have the advanced anti-aging tools and techniques at their disposal to completely avoid some of the worst effects of aging for decades. Through its innovative products, like the Youth Enhancement System, Jeunesse is making Generation Young a reality, one revolutionary product at a time.

Daniel Taub Discusses the Geneva Accord – Iran Deal

A former Ambassador for the United Kingdom and a leading authority in international laws has explained why the Iran Deal is so flawed, and it begins with its foundation: The Geneva accord.

Daniel Taub, the former Ambassador of Israel for the United Kingdom claims that the Geneva accord didn’t make enough effort to prevent Iran from continuing its work on a nuclear program. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Taub explains that enemies of Israel were even considering forming an alliance to protect their-selves from Iran’s nuclear threat.

“There are many contries that look on these issues and it’s a reminder that if we can rise above some of our immediate difference and paradigms we actually have an awful lot in common,” Taub explains.

Taub says that in the grand scheme of things, several of the countries in the region have similar interests. These countries may be open to deepening their relationship for this reason. Relationships between the Shia and Sunni countries is even a possibility.

Daniel Taub told The Independent that the accord does almost nothing to slow Iran’s progress towards creating a deadly nuclear weapon.

Due to the controversy of the Geneva accord, a team of Israeli officials visited Washington D.C. in order to discuss the situation.

Even post-Geneva accord, now that the Iran Deal is firmly in place, citizens all over the world are unhappy with the deal.

The Iran Deal was finally signed on July 14th, 2015, but people are saying that the finalized deal does little to halt progress for Iran too. As part of the Iran Deal, Iran agreed to allow inspectors into all of its nuclear sites.

About Daniel Taub

As previously mentioned, Daniel Taub is an expert in international law, but he also lends his expertise to a wide range of publications. He has had his articles published in The Times, The Guardian, the Huffington Post, and the Daily Telegraph. He is also the author of a book called Parasha Diplomatit.

When Taub isn’t writing about important international political matters, he is performing his duties as a scriptwriter for the Israeli television series HeChatzer. Taub himself describes the show as a mix of Downton Abbey and the Chosen.

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Alexandre Gama Never Settles In Drive To Top

     As a young copywriter, Brazilian Alexandre Gama dreamed of running his own agency. He worked for nearly a decade for Standard Agilvy & Mather before moving onto DM9 in 1990. Once there, Gama began to be noticed for his work and was even promoted to creative director. This move was rare for a copywriter but Gama’s drive made him yearn for more and he was just beginning.

After successfully leading Young & Rubicam for three years as CEO/COO, Gama began his own agency, Neogama, in 1999. The move was what he had dreamed of all those years ago and his work immediately became recognized worldwide. To date, the company has won numerous awards including 23 Golden Lions at Cannes and Gama is widely regarded for his work. Never one to settle, Gama continues to work just as hard today as he did when he began his advertising career way back in 1982.

Ara Chackerian – Medical Entrepreneur

Ara Chackerian is the co-founder of TMS Health Solutions, an organization that provides an advanced psychiatric treatment known as transcranial magnetic stimulation. Chackerian is a philanthropist and has entrepreneurial experience in other facets of business and investing. He is a managing partner for the investment firm ASC Capital Holdings, LLC.

Before founding TMS Health Solutions, Chackerian worked with his business partner Brad Hummel. The two are responsible for creating a network of out-patient diagnostic radiology centers in Northern California.

An associate of Ara Chackerian suggested that he expand into other areas of the medical industry, advising Chackerian to look into new outpatient psychiatric spaces and the emerging transcranial electromagnetic stimulation technology.

Ara Chackerian and Hummel investigated transcranial magnetic stimulation and were amazed by the results the treatment provided for individuals suffering from major depression. The two decided to invest in the technology and met with Dr. Richard Bermudas.

Dr. Bermudas is a leader in the field of transcranial magnetic stimulation. He explained to Chackerian and Hummel the different issues that he was facing in implementing TMS. HE had difficulty finding qualified technicians to operate the transcranial magnetic stimulation equipment. Furthermore, Dr. Bermudas discovered that very few insurance companies covered the cost of TMS treatment.

Dr. Bermudas teamed up with Chackerian and Hummel, and together they studied the existing out-patient psychiatry model. They discovered that most offices housed only a few doctors, and the practices took place in confined spaces.

The team designed a new style of outpatient psychiatric care. They hired New York architect Josh Hietler to design the porotype facility. He ensured the design was spacious and made patients feel comfortable and serene, unlike a standard doctor’s office.

Since teaming up, Chackerian and his colleagues had built seven TMS Health Solutions facilities in San Francisco and Sacrament. The facilities incorporate a patient first philosophy and are met with positive reviews by all patients. You can search on Google for more.

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Waikea Water: a Natural Alternative

In a bottled water industry valued at over $100 billion dollars, it’s not uncommon to hear phrases like “naturally sourced” or “all-natural” used as marketing ploys to gain the interest of prospective consumers. Unfortunately, in many cases, certain companies tend to overpromise and underdeliver, but what if there was truth in advertising, what if there was a company that was everything that it purported itself as being? Well, such is the case for Waiakea, a brand of refreshing bottled water sourced from the volcanoes of Hawaii. If you’re not already familiar with this brand of bottled water, Waiakea is a company that differentiates itself from competitors in several key ways including their environmentally safe bottling and water filtration process.

Founded in 2012, Waikea water is quickly becoming a favorite amongst bottled water enthusiast, and the company’s sales figures are a testament to that fact. As a relative newcomer in the bottled water sector, Waikea has enjoyed unprecedented growth; in fact, the company is currently valued at $10 million dollars, which represents a 170% annual rate of growth since it’s inception. To better contextualize this statement, when Waikea first began selling water they sold an average of 2,300 cases annually; today, however, the company is averaging over 120,000.

Why is Waikea water so successful? Well, they are doing something that their competitors are not, which is giving consumers what they want. Let’s face it, consumers who don’t care about the water they consume would simply drink tap water. Waikea is providing consumers with water that is sourced from the beautiful island of Hawaii, specifically the Mauna Los volcano. The water sourced from this volcano undergoes a natural filtration process as it passes over and through volcanic rock; during this process, the Hawaiian volcanic water is infused with an array of electrolytes and minerals, which have a variety of health benefits.

Once the water has been gathered, Waikea moves on to the bottling process, which is something that many consumers are interested in, especially the environmentally conscious. Unlike other bottled water companies, Waikea does not use BPA plastics to bottle their water. The company, instead, uses fully degradable recycled polyethylene terephthalate, which has been proven safer for the environment. In addition, this bottling process is far more cost-efficient, and these savings are passed on to the consumer.

Jeunesse Global taps into nature’s health store with Reserve

Researchers have known for decades that the consumption of red wine has major health benefits for those who are able to use it moderately. Many studies have shown that drinking two glasses of red wine per day significantly reduces the incidence of heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular events. Because of these findings, one might suppose that the global medical community would be rushing to recommend that everyone over the age of 18 begin consuming wine.

However, physicians across the planet have been advised by the world’s leading medical bodies not to issue blanket recommendations to patients that they take up wine connoisseurship as a hobby. Given the fact that it has been incontrovertibly shown that those who consume wine in moderation may have up to a 50 percent reduction in cardiovascular disease, this might seem like a puzzling situation.

It turns out that the reason that the major medical bodies have not gotten behind recommending wine consumption for those who are not already wine drinkers is because of the associated risk of alcohol consumption in any quantity. Since a significant number of people who do not currently drink will develop an alcohol use disorder of some degree if they do suddenly take up wine drinking, the medical establishment cannot safely recommend the salutary effects of the fermented grape. This has meant that the health benefits of wine have been inaccessible to those who are not currently drinkers, at least until now.

With the creation of Reserve, Jeunesse Global, one of the leading distributors of health products worldwide, has finally created a product that captures all of the health benefits of red wine without exposing users to the risk of starting to consume alcohol. Reserve makes use of one of the most powerful substances found within red wine, a heart-healthy byproduct of grape fermentation known as resveratrol.

Reserve also contains some of the most powerful fruits known to modern nutritionists. These include concord grape, acai, pomegranate and blueberries. Taken together, these ingredients form one of the most powerful combinations of health-protecting nutrients ever combined in a single, great-tasting drink. Reserve can only be purchased through authorized Jeunesse Global distributors.