Crystal Vegan Formula’s by EOS

The Evolution of Smooth (EOS) is the perfect name for this company. My lips stay smooth now that I use EOS lip balm. When EOS announced its new vegan formula, I wasn’t immediately sold on the need to buy vegan since I was so content with the original formula. It wasn’t until I saw that the balm was clear and that was intriguing. I wanted to know what made the vegan balm different.

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I bought the Peach Hibiscus and after using it for one day, I was in love. The texture of my lips was just as soft, if not softer and the flavor of the balm is out of this world. I like the original flavors like berry acai and strawberry sorbet, but I’m crazy about Peach Hibiscus.

The strawberry sorbet is 100% natural, and paraben and petrolatum free, see here. I thought that was enough safety until, I discovered how light the crystal balms were. Now, I just want crystal on my lips.

Knowing that the formula is vegan is positive, although not necessary for my body. I don’t gravitate to vegan products regularly, although I do enjoy the occasional vegan diet from time to time. Despite that fact, I appreciate that this balm doesn’t use beeswax. Still, my lips feel more like they have been conditioned after applying the vegan lip balm. I had no idea, the wax could hinder the affects of the conditioners that EOS is composed of, but now that I feel my lips without the beeswax, I’m sticking with the vegan formula.

Now, its Peach Hibiscus all the way, unless I get up the nerve to try the Vanilla Orchid. The flower names kind of frightened me, but I am very happy with Hibiscus, so Orchid will probably just as pleasant. All I know for sure is, I’m a true convert. I’ll always use the vegan EOS Lip Balms.

Crystal Lip Balms come in only two flavors right now, but hopefully soon the flavor choices will rival those of the original flavors, also available here at I’ll eagerly keep a variety of them, like I did with the originals.

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EOS Vegan Crystals, The Reviews are In.

Finding an organic, vegan-friendly lip balm had been a challenge. Most products within the big retailers contain petroleum jelly or beeswax and alternative products can be difficult to find and rather expensive, at least until now.

EOS, whose organic lip balm in the brightly colored round pods hit the market seven years ago has broken the vegan barrier. EOS has created a lusciously rich lip balm that is beeswax and petroleum free, read more here.

By using the creamiest natural oils, like shea and coconut, EOS has produced two vegan flavors Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid that are satisfyingly buttery and soothe the driest lips. Distinguishable by the clear topped pods, these vegan flavors still contain all of the fragrant, scrumptious and organic ingredients that made EOS famous.

EOS has been challenging the norms of the lip balm industry since its inception. From their unique round pod that is easy to find in your bag, organic products that smell amazing, are fun to look at and full of moisture. EOS was also to market their products as fun, offering a variety of flavors and colors, see it here at EOS also offers a limited edition line of lip balms, guaranteeing their flavors will never grow stale and now with options for all dietary preferences, EOS will continue to grow in lip balm popularity.

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Fabletics Is Giving Amazon A Run For Their Money With New Membership Plans

One of the leading contenders in fashion is Fabletics. For those who do not know about the brand, they are the brand of workout gear that you see advertised as being a monthly membership to purchase workout gear. The monthly membership will auto ship to members each month as long as they choose to continue their membership or not to skip a month of their membership.


Fabletics has shown that they know how to master the reverse showroom technique compared to other brands who failed the virtual showroom technique. The virtual showroom is available to be looked at by prospective members or members who are just getting started.


The use of a lifestyle quiz is going to help determine what types of active wear that you will receive each month. The quiz is going to help to determine which outfits that you will receive later on during your membership cycle. With the majority of shoppers spending their money on the Amazon platform, it can be difficult to compete and become one of the top sellers in active wear.


Customers who are members of Fabletics appreciate the membership design. It allows for members to purchase monthly workout gear without the hassle of going into a mall or an actual store. Fabletics has figured out what people want and how they want it and has used this to become a multi million dollar business.


Not all members want to purchase something unless they first try it on and for this reason, there is a limited number of Fabletics stores that you can visit to try the items on first before choosing whether or not you want to purchase something.


The number of stores that Fabletics operates is very limited, at the moment. The hope is to open more stores up as time goes by. The hope is that the people who come into the shops to check out workout gear will be persuaded to join the Fabletics membership brand.


For people who spend a good amount of time in the gym or working out, the Fabletics brand is top of the selection to choose from because of the different styles that they offer. Others also select this brand because of the people who stand up for the brand. One person in particular is Kate Hudson. In the recent months, she has recruited Demi Lovato as another promoter of the brand and as someone who uses the product to work out in.

IDLife Personalized Nutrition Helping People Lose Weight And Live A Healthy Life

Losing weight is always a problem for people who are overweight. You would have often heard people saying that gaining weight is easy, but losing is so difficult. However, it doesn’t have to be that difficult if you follow the right program. It is what the IDLife brings to you in the form of personalized nutrition.

It has a wide range of products and over 1.3 million personalized nutrition plans and combination for nutrition for different people. The reason it works is that it provides customized products to meet the specific needs of an individual. There is one size fits all approach at IDLife, and it is why it is so useful and popular among the people today.

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IDLife doesn’t have synthetic fillers that do more harm than good to the body. The company offers weight management, hydration, energy, skin care, kids’ line, and many other types of products to meet the individual needs of the people. The primary reason why IDLife has been able to succeed in a niche that is saturated with numerous health and nutrition companies already is that the company offers a free health assessment based on which it customizes and sends out it products. It means that every product that the customer receives is designed especially for them.

ID Life aims to help people live a fit life and get all the nutrients the body needs to function optimally. The products of ID Life are approved by concerned authorities and are GMO and Gluten free. It also does not contain an overdose of synthetic fillers that are bad for the body.

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The Brown Agency Is A Dynamo In The Talent And Modeling Industry

When two dynamic entities join forces, the resulting combination can only be described as a power house in the industry. Wilhelmina Austin was the successful business woman who acquired the Heyman Talent South modeling agency, and combined it with her existing company to become the largest modeling and talent agency in Austin, Texas. She branded her new company, The Brown Agency. These were two of the largest agencies in the region. Now with the unique capabilities and strengths of each working as one, The Brown Agency will be operating as the first full service agency in Texas.


Opening in 2010, Wilhelmina Austin has a very well respected agency in Central Texas. She had the most competitive modeling talent in the area. Heyman Talent South had a reputation that was successfully built on acting talent. When the two came together, clients were presented with a broad portfolio of talent experienced in the business, while the models and actors were given better opportunities for work all across the nation. The agency will continue with their headquarters in Austin. They will also have an office in Dallas, and a satellite office in Los Angeles.


According to Market Wired, at the helm of the Brown Agency is Justin Brown. He is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the agency. He was formerly with the Wilhelmina Austin agency as lead person in charge. The Theatrical Division of the agency will flourish with the expertise of Micheal Bonnee, who was the founder of Heyman Talent South. Justin Brown views the merger of the two agencies as a most vital part of their growth strategy. It also strengthens their commitment to the clients and the talent that they provide. They can now prep their talent on a larger market than previously done.


The clients will have better options as far as the type of talent they desire. The agency can now deliver the most elegant, the most professional, and the most dependable talent to their clients. The Brown Agency is the leading agency in the midwest for providing commercial models and talent. Their talent and models have been exposed to many of the largest, and most popular brands on a global scale. Justin Brown has led models down the runway, onto the TV and movies screen, and into magazine and newspaper print. Justin’s vast experience began when he was a college student, paying his way by working as a model.



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Adam Milstein Is Driven And Respected

When a person has a dream that they would like to bring into reality, they have to be willing to give of their time to make that dream come true. When Adam Milstein was shared about how he brings his ideas to life, he shared that he pushes and pushes until his dreams come true. He is someone who is willing to give time to the ideas that he has and to fight for them to come into being. He shared that a person should be willing to give their time and efforts when they are trying to make their dream come true.

There are some who are lazy and who fail to make their ideas come true because they are not willing to push themselves. Adam Milstein is not a lazy individual. This man has found the success that he has because he is someone who enjoys working. He was asked in an interview to share about a job that he had that he did not like. This man shared that he has never had a job that he hated because he is someone who enjoys working. This is an ambitious man who keeps accomplishing new things.

Adam Milstein has shared that setting specific goals limits him and all that he can accomplish. There are some who need to have goals made for themselves if they are going to accomplish anything in life. They cannot do what they would like to do without having goals created that they follow after. Adam Milstein is someone who believes that specific goals stop him from doing great things. He had found success without setting specific goals for himself. He works hard and always does his best in the work that he goes after, but he does not create goals for himself that he has to follow exactly and more

Adam Milstein is a successful man who works as a real estate investor. He is a philanthropist and someone who is respected as a community leader.

Enrich Your Lips With The New Crystal EOS Brand

Who said attempting to have beautiful skin had to cost a fortune? Today, thousands of women are driven by their appearance and want to look good at all times, but prefer to use organic products. Sensitive skin also calls for beauty care products that are easy on your skin to avoid those unsightly rashes. EOS delivers the all-natural ingredients your skin longed for with up to 6-8 hours of clinically tested stay power says Their products are proven to work and give their wearers long lasting wear. Treat your lips to a one of a kind glow-up reasonably priced to fit any budget.

EOS has come out with a popular brand packaged even cuter than the original as if, that’s possible. The new Crystal line comes complete with a transparent container and a buttery wax-free formula, refer also to There is absolutely no chalking with their beauty care products in relation to competitor brands. You can find their variety of EOS blends on the beauty care aisle of your favorite retailer, but hurry, the EOS brands tends to leave shelves quick. You’ll also love their Evolution of Smooth grandfather brand offering organic shaving cream, lotion, and body butter; buy here. Get essential vitamins from the essential EOS lip balm today.

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Whitney Wolfe Herd Goes for Top Spot in Social Media

Whitney Wolfe Herd knows that women and men are using dating apps more because they want access to a whole new way of meeting people. Some singles have become tired of the concept of going out to bars and meeting strangers. There are many people that are tired of this type of interaction between people that they know nothing about. In most cases they get a phone number and find that there are no commonalities among them.

The reality, however, is that there is a whole world of possibilities where people can connect with others that they are actually compatible with. This is possible when one tries a dating app like Bumble. This is the app that Whitney Wolfe Herd has created, and she believes that she is on a journey to helping people discover other people that have the same interests.

What makes Whitney Wolfe Herd unique is the fact that she is doing more than just connecting people that are trying to date and find a lifelong partner. Whitney Wolfe Herd is also helping friends connect through Bumble BFF as people develop better friendships. She is even helping people that are interested in finding business partners and networking through Bumble Bizz.

A large majority of people are discovering that Bumble is more than a dating app. This is what Whitney Wolfe Herd wanted. She wanted to create the type of app environment that would give people the chance to meet their needs when it came to socializing. She did not want people to feel like they were signing up for an app that only gave them an opportunity to do one thing. She wanted to create a multi-dimensional app that would push the boundaries and make people think about social media in a different way.

So many app users are excited with what Whitney Wolfe Herd has done because it gives them a chance to utilize one app for all of their social media needs. No one needs a LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account if they have Bumble. They can get all of these needs fulfilled with a single app.

Whitney Wolfe Herd knows that her app is definitely competition for Tinder, a top dating app, but Whitney Wolfe Herd also wants Bumble to be competition for all of the other social media apps. She is going for a top spot as a social media mogul and she is still under the age of 30.

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Jeunesse Global Develops Highly Effective Multivitamin

In the health and beauty industry, it is difficult to start a new company that has anything to offer that has not already been done 1,000 times before. But every one in a while, a truly exceptional company comes along and shakes up the industries natural order. Jeunesse Global has proven to be just one such company. After being founded in 2009 Jeunesse has grown to become a billion-dollar player in a highly competitive industry. But this wasn’t the product of luck. Far from it, the company was founded by two of the most experienced and innovative veterans in the global health and beauty sector.


Both Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray had long been fixtures of the health and beauty industry, especially in the realm of direct marketing of beauty products. Both Ray and Lewis had built dozens of successful companies from the ground up, becoming independently wealthy at a relatively young age. As the couple aged into their senior years, they had made multiple attempts to walk away from the excitement of the business world. But each time, the couple felt the gravitational pull of the industry pulling them back. Click Here to learn more.



Shortly after retiring for the third time, the couple founded Jeunesse Global. It didn’t take long for both Ray and Lewis to jump headlong into building their new business, spending the majority of their free time on growing the company. Within its first year, Jeunesse was doing nearly $1 million in sales. By its fifth year, the company was doing tens of millions in business and had thousands of distributors in its ranks. See: (


Most of the spectacular growth can be attributed to the company’s great products. AM PM Essentials is one example of the quality of product that the company puts out. The multivitamin is a unique blend of some of the most potent natural substances on Earth. AM Essentials provides users with the boost they need in the morning, helping them to wake up with energy and stay focused throughout the day.


PM Essentials contains ingredients that promote a good, restful sleep. Users have reported that they have never been able to sleep so restfully before.


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Jeunesse Global Takes Health And Beauty Industry By Storm

It is rare that a new startup comes along and disrupts an entire established industry. But that is exactly what has happened in the case of Jeunesse Global. Founded in September of 2009, Jeunesse has grown exponentially, becoming of the premier distributors of health and beauty products worldwide.


The company was the brainchild of founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Having been involved in the health and beauty industry for nearly their entire lives, both Ray and Lewis had decided to attempt to retire for the third time. The couple had built a string of highly successful businesses and had long been independently wealthy. Although they had not been able to resist the call to jump back into the fray of running business before, they believed that the third attempt would prove to be the one that allowed them to stick to a life of golf courses and bingo.


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But when Lewis decided to begin selling a few items out of the couple’s garage in order to pass her spare time, Ray quickly jumped in as well. Within the first year of Jeunesse’s operations, the couple had done a few hundred thousand dollars in sales. By the second year, Jeunesse was doing well over a million. (View Source:


Today, Jeunesse Global sells hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of health and beauty products. Jeunesse Global has developed some of the most innovative products seen in the last decade. It holds a number of patents for special formulations that were developed exclusively for use in Jeunesse products.


One example of a life-changing product that the company is currently selling is AM PM Essentials. This vitamin ensemble allows users to get all of their daily vitamins from one source, allowing them to free themselves from the hassles of keeping track of many different vitamin and supplement regimens throughout the day.


AM PM Essentials is a proprietary mix of vitamins that are optimized for both daytime and nighttime performance. The PM formulations allow the user to get a good night’s sleep, one of the most important factors in maintaining a youthful appearance as we age. The daytime formulation is designed to optimize the user’s waking hours.


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