Phenomenal Humanitarian Efforts by Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

More often than not, individuals as well as authorities will violate the rights of certain groups of people owing to their differences. This could be devastating to that group of people that has had their rights violated and requires any protection that they can get.

This then gave birth to human rights groups that have dedicated themselves to fighting for every person’s rights regardless of their status, race, gender and many other differences.

It is also a common occurrence for people to migrate from unstable countries that are no longer safe for them and their families. Whereas others just move for a chance at a better life in a more developed country, this opens doors for their rights being abused as migrants.

Other great organizations have dedicated themselves to fighting for the rights of migrants, who may be otherwise treated unfairly by the host governments. This ensures that regardless of how illegal an immigrant may be, they are treated with dignity as the necessary steps are taken in accordance with the constitution.

Our society needs checks and balances as the underprivileged run a risk of being victimized by everyone else. Since the advent of human rights, many groups have stood firm against hostile governments to ensure that everyone is accountable for their abuse of human rights. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase and Michael Larcey | Twitter

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has been a pacesetter in the fight against the violation of migrant rights and to achieve this they have dedicated their funds for this noble course. This amazing fund also has its full support for other like-minded groups that fight for the human, migrant as well as civil rights of people.

They are also in support of any groups that ascertains that all freedoms of speech and those of civic participation are equally availed to everyone without prejudice. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund not only verbally supports this noble course but they invest their money towards the facilitation of the same.

The able leadership behind Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund are none other than Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, the two selfless human beings. They initiated this great organization from a settlement they got from a case with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, after their first amendment rights were violated.

They were awarded a handsome $3.75 million as settlement for this case where they had been arrested for revealing the existence of grand jury activities that looked after reporter’s coverage of Sheriff Arpaio.

It was after this case that would later emerge victors, earning themselves a settlement that they did not keep for themselves but founded the successful Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. Their efforts to fight for the rights of immigrants and the support of other groups has been hailed by many. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

It is however their selflessness that serves as a great lesson to everyone, having dedicated their funds to fighting for the rights of the downtrodden. This should indeed be emulated by many in the society who have a chance at making a difference to certain people.

Amicus Therapeutics is Targeting Rare Diseases with Futuristic Therapies

Amicus Therapeutics is a publicly-held biopharmaceutical company located in New Jersey. The biotechnology company was established in 2002. It prides itself in facilitating revolutionary treatments for rare and distressing conditions. This includes conditions such as Fabry disease, genetic connective skin disorder, and Pompe disease among others. The company is passionate about facing the needs of people suffering from rare diseases.



Amicus Therapeutics develops innovative therapy options for various human genetic diseases. Some of the medical therapies are produced using enzyme replacement therapy technologies. The company maintains a bold vision for the future. It hopes to cover the full realm of rare diseases. For this reason, the company only works with the best available technologies. The company utilizes medical data to optimize the patient experience.



Besides patients, the company also develops strong relationships with caregivers and families of patients. The company supports patients and their communities (Yahoo). A wholesome approach to therapy produces better results. This focus on patient well-being has become the guiding principle of the corporate culture. Their decision-making structure envisions the patient as a member of their family.



Amicus Therapeutics is also passionate about compliance with industry frameworks and best practices. This guarantees high levels of safety and competence. The team at Amicus Therapeutics is led by the Chairman and CEO, John Crowley. He sets the vision and ignites its execution by enabling brilliant research, managing priorities and engaging the proper people to do the job.



John Crowley is a highly decorated veteran, biotechnology advocate, and author. He is a fellow at the Aspen Institute. He is also linked to the Make A Wish Foundation of America. John Crowley has over twenty years’ experience in the biotechnology industry.



Under his leadership, the company continues to deliver high-quality treatment options to persons living with rare conditions. It is constantly pushing innovation and creativity. The company is processing big ideas deeply and quickly. The disruptive products they provide are rewarding years of resilient belief.



Amicus Therapeutics continues to excel in scientific research and business leadership ( The biotechnology company builds strategic partnerships with various stakeholders. This enables them to maximize value in the company as the pillars of success. The company enjoys the support of a close family of teams with diverse skill sets.


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Osteo Relief Institute Revolutionizing The Management Of Arthritis

To most of us, arthritis is a sharp and sometimes unbearable pain in our joints. Little do we know that there are 100 types of arthritis, whose causes may be genetic, age and even caused by the previous injury on a joint. The condition does not have a cure, however, it is easily managed by exercising, changing our lifestyle and also getting medical attention. The condition can be easily treated, although sometimes one may seek surgical options as a long term management option.



Looking at the demographics and the number of people living with the condition, it is clear that few people have a concrete grasp of the condition. Patients, therefore, need to seek enlightenment and understanding so that they may learn how to manage the pain without necessarily waiting until it’s too late to easily manage.



Although the condition is quite common, there are few people who have a clear understanding of treatment options. Osteo Relief Institute Jersey Shore is one of the few institutes who has dedicated their time and resources to fully understanding the condition and working tirelessly to provide relief to their clients suffering from the condition.



Osteo Relief Institute uses the latest technology to dig deep into understanding the condition and coming with ways to help their clients. Osteo Relief Institute believes in trying all options available to restore health to patients in order for them to go back to their daily lives.



Empathy and compassion are some of the virtues that are engraved in the heart of Osteo Relief Institute employees. The institute offers free screening for their patients in order for them to determine the next form of treatment ( These values are a clear indication that Osteo Relief Institute has the best interest of their patients at heart.



Osteo Relief Institute offers various procedures for their patients, some of which include dialysis, gastric bypass, hormonal therapy, and laparoscopy. Moreover, one of the main specialties offered by the institute is the joint injection (LinkedIn). The Osteo Relief Institute team has been working alongside scientists to come up with a treatment plan for their patients that doesn’t involve surgery.



Eli Gershkovitch and His Contribution in Canadian Craft Beer

Although some people call it stereotyping, it is true that Canadians love beer. From the statistics, there were only 88 breweries in Canada by 2006, but by 2014, the number had risen to 520 licensed breweries. It is due to the great love of beer that is almost inherent in every Canadian adult.


Most of the Craft beer in Canada is made in the provinces of Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec. There is always a constant supply of fresh beer in these areas. There are numerous local and national competitions that are carried out among craft brewers to find out who is the best in the region. The competitions involve cash prices, fame and even a chance to have your recipe used to make beer for the next one year or so until another person beats you in the competition.


Some of the best brewers who have won in the craft beer competitions include Muskoka breweries, which is located in Ontario, and the Grizzly Paw breweries, which is located in Alberta. Some of the best flavors of Craft beer that the Canadians love include the Pump House Blueberry Ale and the Propella IPA among others. These types of beer are loved due to their caramel flavor and a taste of blue berry muffins.

Eli Gershkovitch is one of the big names that have big contribution in the brewing industry ( He is a self-accomplished professional lawyer, a pilot and an entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Steamworks Breweries.


Eli Gershkovitch approaches life in a very calm manner, unlike the typical entrepreneurs who seem to be always in a hurry. He is a very casual man who has great respect for freedom. Behind that calm face is a very competent businessman.


Eli’s business model or approach focuses on innovation and improvement. Although Steamworks was started as a small pub in Gastown, Vancouver in 1995, Eli Gershkovitch has transformed the brewery to a modern Pub.


Eli Gershkovitch has been in craft brewing for about 21 years, but he has also spent some time as a pilot. Being a pilot was his boyhood fascination, which he achieved when he got his pilot license in 1993. He flew to Europe from Vancouver and back marking his career as a pilot. He is also a lawyer who uses his knowledge in law to run his business without any troubles with the authority.

Glen Wakeman – Highly Successful and Influential Business Executive in the United States

Glen Wakeman is a well-known business personality in the United States and is renowned for his sharp business skills and financial insight. He has worked with GE Capital for over a decade and has held top executive position at Doral Corporation as well. He even went on to become the Chief Executive Officer as well as the President of Doral Corporation and the Chairman of the board of Doral Bank. Glen Wakeman is also the founder of a company known as Nova Four that he successfully runs till date.

At GE capital, Glen Wakeman was recognized by the Board of Directors as the Growth Leadership Role Model. During his career span, Glen Wakeman has managed over 17,000 staff members directly and indirectly and managed companies that are worth over $15 Billion collectively, which showcases his broad experience and the ability to handle any business venture. No matter which company Glen Wakeman joined, he ensures that he left it in a better state than he when he joined. Currently, Glen Wakeman holds the position of CEO at a SAAS firm he founded by the name of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. It is a company that helps the startup companies to organize and manage their online business in a systematic and sequential manner.

It works as a consultancy to help the businesses to mature and work in a fashion that enables them to compete with the bigger players in a highly competitive market. Two of the famous clients of LaunchPad Holdings LLC are Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded (Ideamensche). Glen Wakeman is a highly educated business executive and has done his Bachelor’s in Finance and Economics from the Scranton University and completed Masters in Business Administration from the famous University of Chicago.

Glen Wakeman has immense experience in the business and corporate world and believes that there are many entrepreneurs out there with great ideas, who are looking for a bit of guidance to succeed. Glen Wakeman helps such entrepreneurs and start-ups through his firm LaunchPad Holdings LLC to materialize their dream and vision into a reality and transform their businesses ultimately to achieve their goals.

Evolution of Smooth: Crystals On Your Lips

EOS, maker of the popular round lip balm, has recently announced a revamp in their product. The product is shaped differently than the original as it is slightly less round and it is also now available in a clear, see-through edition, order here. The product is now posting on Instagram advertising its newest product which boosts to be wax free and vegan friendly says It has replaced the wax ingredient with five moisturizing natural oils.

The product is called EOS Crystals and is available in two new flavors. The product is launching in August starting with flavors Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. Each EOS Crystals pod will have a retail price of about $4.99, shop here at The five essential oils used in the new product by EOS is brand new to the company. One thing that has not changed is how moisturized and soft your lips will feel after using thus product. The new EOS lip balm Crystals plus their original lip balms are available for purchase on their website Also, to stay up to date with any products or promotions EOS is offering, be sure to follow them on their social media accounts. Their Instagram account is under @eosproducts where they feature photos and videos of their great products. Visit also their website for more cool details,


Products And Information On IDLife

This article will explore a company called IDLife. It will present information about what it is along with the certain products it has. IDLife is a company of wellness and health that revolutionizes the industry with nutrition that is customized. The main mission is to offer programs and products of the highest quality to lead a life that is healthier. IDLife is an acronym for individually designed life. The CEO of this company is Logan Stout who has a great passion for wellness and health.

IDLife was based on the principal that there are no two people who are the same. In other words, everyone has different nutritional needs. The official website of this company is called Included in this website is a confidential and free health assessment. The answers given will generate a report with recommendations on what supplements to have. Those will be involved in creating a customized vitamin program. There are three main components included in this product. They are quality, science, as well as guidance.

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Now this article will explore some of the products IDLife makes. All of the products are made with the ingredients of highest quality. They are developed without any additives or fillers that are unnecessary. One of the products is called Energy. This is a formula that gives an instant boost which becomes followed by a release of sustained energy. It can last up to 6 hours without a crash. This product comes in both a drink and gummy form.

There is also a product that helps people who have trouble sleeping. This such product is called Sleep Strips. It is a minty formulated product that has benefits like a quick dissolve and increases REM which stands for Rapid Eye Movement. There is also a skin care product available, called IDLife Skin Care. This particular product is designed in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It also gives skin that is younger, smoother, and tighter. Among the many products there are shakes and other types of vitamin products as well.

Learn more about IDLife:

Bruno Fagali is a Shining Beacon of Administrative Law in Brazil

     Given the cutthroat nature of the contemporary world, it is very difficult to excel in any profession. This fact is particularly true in the field of law. Like most, Brazil’s legal space is highly saturated with thousands of lawyers practicing in the few areas of the law. Surprisingly, one young Brazilian lawyer, Bruno Fagali, has thrived despite the competitive nature of Brazilian law. The versatile lawyer is an expert in both administrative and public law.

Bruno Fagali holds a law degree from Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo (PUC). He also holds two two-year certificates for Specialization in Administrative Law issued by PUC and FGV-Gvlaw, Brazil. Recently he decided to advance his academic qualifications even further by completing a Master of Progressive State Law degree from the University of Sao Paulo.

After working for a number of law firms, Bruno Fagali caught a big break by being employed as Nova’s Corporate Integrity Manager. His role at the large advertising agency largely centered on creating, implementing and maintaining a corporate integrity program. The program was meant to tackle the high litigation risk that the agency is exposed to owing to the fact that a majority of its revenues come from administrative contracts.

In 2014, Bruno Fagali took the leap of faith and decided to launch his own firm, Fagali Advocacy. In the short period of three years, the firm has grown to become one of the most respected in Sao Paulo. Fagali has tailored his law firm to particularly offer services in the areas of public law and compliance management. The agency offers both advisory and litigation services in these areas. In addition to these two areas, the firm has been widely contracted in the areas of biddings, administrative improbity, expropriation, and administrative contracts. With Fagali at the helm, it is highly likely that Fagali Advocacy will grow into one of the largest law firms in the entire country.

Bruno Fagali is arguably one of the most culturally competent lawyers in the country. Owing to his strong passion for traveling, he has been exposed to numerous cultures from all over the world. The multilingual lawyer possesses a competent grasp of Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French.


Leading Insurance Company US Health Advisors

One of the leading health insurance companies that provide quality health coverage is US Health Advisors. The company offers coverage for all healthcare related expenses which benefit many individuals and families. With a policy form US Health Advisors, a number of people will have the coverage they need in order to more easily cover their medical expenses. As well as offering a health insurance policy, US Health Advisors also offers individuals a career opportunity that is both lucrative and flexible. When taking advantage of the career opportunity, individuals can earn a good income by enrolling others in the health policy provided by this company. Therefore, US Health Advisors is an ideal option when looking to get a good health insurance policy as well as have a rewarding career.


Anyone who becomes an independent agent with US Health Advisors will be in position to earn a very good income. Like most other insurance agent sales opportunities, an agent with this company will enroll others into the policy and receive a commission. When selling a policy, agents will usually get an up front commission which is about 90% of the first year premiums. After this, agents will then get between 20% and 40% of the premiums that are paid on a monthly basis. Within a few years, agents with this company can make well over six figures per year. By being an agent with US Health Advisors, individuals can make an income that will allow them to live a comfortable lifestyle.


Consumers who get the healthcare policy from US Health Advisors will be getting one of the most comprehensive and affordable on the market. This health policy provides coverage for a number of things that will make managing medical expenses much easier. Those who enroll in the policy will get coverage for hospital stays and visits to physician offices. Along with these two things, individuals will also get coverage for prescription drugs, surgery and x rays. As a result, a policy offered by US Health Advisors will help a number of people get the coverage they need in order to avoid the burden of costly medical expenses. They will also get a policy that offers them some of the lowest premiums on the market as well.

Securus Technologies Background Information

Securus is a technology company that offers technological security solutions for both criminal and civil justice systems. The company’s main objective is to modernize the incarceration experience and at the same time improve public safety. Securus Technology offers powerful technology solutions to thousands of correctional, law enforcement, and public safety agencies. The solutions are easy to use and accessible. The high-tech software solutions are produced through a collective effort of the company’s team of designers, technologists, and engineers. Securus helps in making the world safe by providing monitoring products and services, inmate self-service, information management, public information, incident management, investigation, and emergency response services.


The company’s headquarters are located in Dallas, TX. Securus began its operations in 1986 and has over 30 years of experience in the industry. Correctional facilities in over 48 states are its major clients. Securus has regional offices in Atlanta, GA, Allen, TX; and Carrollton, TX. The company has more than 140 patents and is considered as the leading innovator in the industry. Securus’ leading security platform is the Secure Call Platform (SCP) that has over 2,200 installations. Securus has over 150 Field Services team members that are always available to provide assistance to all the facilities that use the company’s services.


Securus’ Customer Comments


Most customers are grateful to Securus for helping them obtain search warrants using information from phone calls. Correctional facilities like the company’s services because it assists them in monitoring inmate calls. Through the platform, the facilities are now able to easily monitor inmate calls that contain suspicious information. In fact, the management in one corrections facility confirmed that they have been able to detect cases of suspicious conversations, threats, access to cellular devices, drug selling, and inmate alcohol use through the company’s monitoring tools. The company’s investigative tools are also commonly used for investing potential security threats to the correctional facilities and complaints of harassment.