Oncotarget Rapidly Shares Scientific Findings to Help Researchers as Quickly as Possible

Oncotarget is a free peer-reviewed international online weekly medical journal with the original intent of sharing findings related to cancer research. But as it was found that the causes and effects of cancer-related illnesses branch out into other areas of medicine, the journal currently accepts papers on the following topics: pharmacology, age-related diseases, immunology, physiology, cell biology, metabolism, neuroscience, cardiology, and endocrinology.

The focus of Oncotarget is to allow scientists in varying medical fields to quickly share information related to cancer, cancer-fighting therapies and improving the quality of life of cancer patients through better management of their treatment. To give examples of the wide-ranging scope of articles printed in Oncotarget, three articles recently published in the journal are 1) Parkinson’s disease: no NOP, new hope, 2) Approaching Alzheimer’s disease from a network level and 3) DJ1 at the interface between neuro-regeneration and cancer.

The journal was first established in 2010 and the current Editors-in-Chief are Mikhail V. Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov, who are both employed at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute located in Buffalo, New York. One of the most remarkable traits of Oncotarget is that it papers are peer-reviewed prior to publishing to ensure the best information is presented scientists as quickly as possible, hence the weekly publishings by Impact Journals. In fact, part of the mission statement of Oncotarget stated on the website is “to make scientific results rapidly and widely available to maximize the impact of research via insightful review.” Each individual paper published in Oncotarget can be printed and shared with peers. The ultimate goal of Oncotarget is life without disease.