Omar Boraie And The State of Real Estate In New Brunswick

Omar Boraie has truly been a changing force in New Brunswick. He moved to New Brunswick from Egypt around four decades ago. His objective was to attain a higher degree in chemistry. However, he decided to get into real estate as well, especially when he saw the sad state of real estate in New Brunswick. He noticed that people were not going out after four in the afternoon, and he noticed that there was plenty of room for improvement in the city. He noticed that Johnson and Johnson had set up shop in the city of New Brunswick, and that is when he decided to start rebuilding the city, kind of the way he saw people doing it in Europe, according to Central Jersey Working Moms.

He bought off a street of twenty buildings that were old and rotting away. He renovated them and built new buildings. He knew that in order to rebuild New Brunswick, there was a need to bring in new residents who can help contribute to the economy and the character of the city, and he knew that in order to do that, he needed to build high quality residential areas. That is exactly what he did. He built the highest building in New Brunswick, which consists of twenty five floors, one hundred and twenty one living units, and place for offices and parking. He is planning a new development by The Aspire, which will surely be a magnet for young people, as it is in a convenient location that is close to nightlife and shopping areas.

His son became the Vice President of Boraie Development. He took after his father, and came up with ways to turn demolished sites to high quality upscale developments. Both Omar and his son are known for being visionaries who can do the impossible. For example, an area around a college looked like a dump, but Omar Boraie’s son renovated it and turned the student’s hostel into a place that can house four hundred students. Omar Boraie is both a scientist and an entrepreneur who will not stop until he gets exactly what he wants. Check out for more info.

The people of New Brunswick are very thankful to Omar Boraie and his son, and to Boraie Development. They have single handedly turned New Brunswick from a sad city into a city that is now thriving, and where new people and professionals are moving in. There is no doubt that Omar can do the impossible.

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