Ninja Classroom

The name Class Dojo instantly brings to mind ninja training. It is intriguing and makes you want to check out what exactly it is. Class Dojo is training; however, it is not about training in the art of the sneak attack. Class Dojo keeps everyone involved with a child’s education and allows the teacher to connect with the student, and the parents of the student.

Classroom communication is effective when it is a two-way street. Class Dojo is the platform allowing that to happen. A teacher simply sets up a class for free, prints off parent and student activation codes, students take them home, and parents can get connected to their child’s classroom immediately. Class Dojo gives teachers the ability to track behavior, instantly message parents, create a digital portfolio of student work, and is a resource for teaching social emotional behavior. Class Dojo has an app for parents and teachers to use on mobile devices.

Starting on Class Dojo is a step-by-step process. You will need to sign up for a free account. Begin by setting up a class. Once you have done this, you can see if your school is on Class Dojo and join your school. Next comes adding a class. Name your class, and then begin adding students. Class Dojo creates invitations for the parents of students in the class. These invitations contain a parent code and a student code. They can be printed off and sent home, or you also can email invites to parents. When parents and students have the codes, they can activate their own account and begin connecting with their teacher.

Teachers can use Class Dojo as a tool to track student behavior at school. It allows the teacher to set up the behaviors being worked on at school. For example, the class may need to work on being quiet in the hallway. The teacher can set up that behavior, “quiet in the hall”. When the teacher observes students quiet in the hallway, the teacher can give points to students performing this behavior correctly. A teacher can give points by using the Class Dojo app on a mobile device or by using the computer. Students are able to see an avatar with their name and they also have the option to see the point total they have earned for the day. Teachers can also set up behaviors for which the student would lose points. The first behavior mentioned was “quiet in the hall”. The opposite of that behavior would be “noisy in the hall”. Teachers can take a point away in the same way they reward points.

Teachers are able to upload content for parents to see as it is happening in the classroom. Short videos and photos can be uploaded from the teacher app. When that happens, parents receive a notification and can go to Class Dojo and see what is happening in their son’s or daughter’s classroom. Student stories are individual and only seen by the parent, teacher, and student. Classroom stories are seen by all students and all parents of students in the classroom.

Class messaging can be done through Class Dojo. Teachers can individually connect with parents through the message system. By using the app, or the computer, a teacher can compose a message to an individual parent. A teacher can also send a message to all the parents in the class, much like you would send a mass text.

Class Dojo has teamed with Yale University to create resources to help students be more mindful. Mojo teaches kids about growth mindset, perseverance, mindfulness, gratitude and empathy. Printable resources and guides to help implement Class Dojo are available on their website. Class Dojo is the platform that allows teachers to connect with students and parents. It is allowing teachers to build an involved classroom community.