Nick Vertucci: Writer and Investor

Just recently, real estate investor Nick Vertucci released his first book named “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed”. This book is derived from his personal experiences. Through his up and downs in investment, and how he learned to strive again to regain his fortune, he was able to share golden nuggets of lessons that he wants to share with his readers. A key part of his strength was being able to drive through his fears and apprehensions, alter the way he thinks, and start over again with the lessons he learned.

Nick Vertucci was given a special recommendation by Kevin Harrington, one of the Sharks in the Shark Tank TV show. Aside from Kevin Harrington, Dean Cain also endorsed his book. Dean Cain is known as an Amazon bestseller and an entrepreneur.

Nick Vertucci talks about the background of his book. During the time he lost everything in his tech business, he underwent severe depression. Vertucci explains the importance of finding a mentor when trying out a new pursuit. He talks about being able to find a reliable mentor when he was entering the real estate world, and he went through several sessions of training for it. During this training sessions, he was able to alter his mindset and this is when his life turned around. Nick Vertucci finally had a definite path and he hopes that the book will provide value to readers who are also going through the same struggles.

The book is published by Lioncrest Publishing and contains 350 pages about the steps that Nick Vertucci went through. This mind-changing philosophy enabled him to get back on track and experience the financial freedom that he achieved over the course of time.

About the Author

Mr. Vertucci is an expert in the real estate. He is also the founder and CEO of his own company based in Irvine, California. He was able to establish his own real estate empire, and he wanted to educate how others can succeed as well.

His academy contains a rigorous training for entrepreneurs who would want to get their feet and hands wet on the real estate business. He believes that real estate is one of the most profitable types of investment that surpasses all generations and trends. Through owning properties, flipping residential and commercial units, and other actionable tips in real estate investments, Nick is able to provide value for his students. He specializes in the Turn-Key investment system that created to help investors to purchase, renovate and leasing properties owned by the bank. With years of experience, Nick is able to teach students the right real estate techniques that give results.