Nick Vertucci , the Real Estate Guru Breathtaking Story

Nick Vertucci is one of those people who grew up in a middle-class family with both parents and siblings and was well taken care of by his parents. He and the siblings were given parental love and anything they would ask, they were sure to be provided. However, this was never to be forever, as at some point he lost his father, and since then things started to fall apart.


To continue supporting his siblings, Nick Vertucci’s mother had to work extra hard, and for long hours, as by the time she could check in from work, Nick would be already asleep. By the time Nick was 18 years, he was already living out of his van and at this period, he was on his rock bottom. After some time, Nick decided to start his own business which he says made life a little bearable. The business was to sell computer parts. This job gave him a lot of freedom and finally a chance to be his boss.


Nick Vertucci expresses that it was during this time that he decided to marry the love of his life, and together bore three beautiful daughters. Life at the time, which he refers to as dot come error was too sweet that it made him blind to realize the power of investing in his future, and this is when his downfall, knocked for the second time.


His next 18 months were even worse when he could not afford anything at all and had gotten deep in debts as well, and all he could show for his money was only his home. Luckily there came a godsend, his friend who hinted to him to attend a three days seminar on real estate training. Though apprehensive to participate in the workshop at first, to this day, Nick Vertucci never regret the choice he made of attending the seminar.Though he could not take in all that was being said, deep down he already knew that this would be his turning point.



Getting out of his financial hole would this time be possible, he told himself. Ten years after the seminar is the time it has cost him to absorb all that was being taught, and through pressing on and never giving up, Nick had finally developed the system he required to make money from real estates. Today, Nick teaches the system to other people with the urge of getting out of their debt hole. Today, he owns the Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc.