Mike Baur: Encourages participation in pitching contests for startups

Mike Baur is the head and managing partner of Swiss Startup Factory. He has made a name for himself in the startup business by coming up with innovative ways of helping business people in the country establish businesses armed with the right knowledge needed to tackle the challenges in the business environment as well as taking advantage of the opportunities that are available in the industry. Through a three months startups program that he oversees, Mike Baur have managed to change life for hundreds of startups owners in the country. He runs the three months program twice every year. It is meant to help more and more people join the digital entrepreneurship industry.

The startup industry has been on a rapid growth in Switzerland. It is not a wonder to see a number of pitching contests being held in various institutions of higher learning quite often. In the three months program that is run by Mike Baur, he not only gives his students, access to financing options but also encourages them to participate in pitching contests which would see their ideas funded by investors who like their business plans. Recently, Mike Baur has become an authority in the startup’s sector and is frequently invited to panel of judges who pick the business ideas that have the greatest potential of succeeding.

He has participated in the biggest pitching contest held in Switzerland in 2014. The contest known as START Sumitter happens at the Swiss University. It brings together startup entrepreneurs who have high potential business plans. The contestants are given an opportunity to present their cases to the judges by presenting clearly their products, the business models they will apply as well as their business plans. The ideas presented must require less than $1 million to implement. The winner of the competition gets to enjoy funding from various investors. Mike Baur’s participation in the pitching contests has put him on a path of excellence with many people now recognizing his startup company. Swiss Startup Factory has had an opportunity to gain from free marketing through his participation.

The startup’s industry in Switzerland has been one of the economy’s strongest points. The country has been a global leader in the startup’s industry thanks to the efforts of the likes of Mike Baur. The startup businesses are expected to change the fortunes in the country in terms of job creation and growth of the economy. The government of Switzerland has presented the people with a chance to establish businesses by availing the required infrastructures for businesses to thrive.

Mike Baur is a financial expert comes a tech investor. He has worked in the banking sector for more than twenty years. He is the owner of the largest startup factory in Switzerland. He created Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. He hopes to mentor as many digital entrepreneurs as possible by offering them an opportunity to learn from a three-month incubator program. The program instills knowledge on important aspects of business growth. His aim is to help startups avoid failure.