Michael Zomber Acquires A New Piece Of History


Recently, an interesting item was auctioned off at Sotheby’s. The item in question was a Bowie knife believed to be owned by famous slave abolitionist John Brown. It came into his possession by force as Mr. Brown claims he took it from his would be assassin. Mr. Brown was eventually captured and hanged for his involvement in the affairs of the Southern States.


Michael Zomber, described on Facebook as a foremost expert on antique arms and armor, was the winning bidder of the famous Bowie knife. Described by Sotheby’s as an artifact from one of the bloodiest periods in American history, the Bowie knife itself has a coffin shaped handle with mother of pearl inlay and comes with its original leather sheath. Michael Zomber was honored and thrilled to become the latest owner of the Bowie knife.


In addition to being an expert in the world of arms and armor, Michael Zomber has also been very intrigued by this period in history. He has written and published two fiction books based on this time period;A Son of Kentuckyis about a tobacco farmer that refuses to use slave labor because its against his principles. And his second book Sweet Betsy That’s Meis about a young farm girl living in Kentucky and the day her father comes home after being wounded at Gettysburg.


The recent purchase has Mr. Zomber’s fans wondering if he is writing a third novel. Whether or not there is another historical fiction book in the works is not publicly known at this time, but Mr. Zomber did state that obtaining this piece of history is getting the creative ideas flowing in his brain.


Michael Zomber has also directed the critically acclaimed documentary, The Soul of the Samurai about the history of the samurai sword and the men who master the sword. Mr. Zomber has his masters degree in English literature from UCLA and is an avid collector of historical items.

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