Media in Mexico

     Mexico is experiencing a lot of changes recently. As the economy continues to improve, many industries are seeing massive growth rates. Media is an industry that is changing rapidly with new technology. Many large media companies are investing in new technology in order to serve customers better. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has had a great career in the media industry. As the CFO of one of the largest media companies in the world, many people listen to his thoughts on the industry.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero

When Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero started out in his career, he never expected to end up where he is today. He worked hard at every step along the way, and he had a passion for changing the world. It was not until he received a job in media that he really fell in love with the industry.

Once he started working at his current company, he quickly moved up the ranks. There are a lot of people who are excited about the work he is doing in the field. With all of the financial implications of his decisions, he has to deal with a lot of stress at his company.

Industry Trends

There are many trends in the media industry in Mexico. Consumers want more content than ever before, and this is a great thing for media companies. However, customers also want the content accessible at any time. Many of the media companies in Mexico are accustomed to doing business the old way in this industry. This is where companies would produce content and customers would have to wait to read it. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is working on a lot of projects in his company to make content more accessible at all times.