Kevin Seawright’s Impressive Professional History

Kevin SeaWright is a highly respected professional, a brilliant financial strategist, and a leader. From his days at Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business to his current position as Executive Vice president and CFO of Newark Economic Development Corporation, Kevin has shown that he has what it takes to succeed.

Kevin also understands that his success provides an outlet for community service. Let’s delve deeper into his history to understand what he has accomplished and how he has built this illustrious career.

Kevin Seawright possesses a unique mixture of business acumen, team unification abilities, and experience in governmental organizations. He has used these abilities to rehabilitate the accounting practices of many large businesses. He has enhanced revenue by providing accurate forecasts that have yielded millions of dollars. Read more: Kevin Seawright Joins Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

Kevin Seawright understands the importance of social media in the modern business climate. He uses Twitter to show uplifting stories and relevant news stories. Including how he helps deserving families buy their first homes.

Kevin also uses his Facebook to keep family, friends, and the general public, updated o his current endeavors, such as his studies at the Mendoza School of Business.

He understands the good that social media can do and strives to do his part to increase cyber-space positivity.

One of Kevin’s most impressive accomplishments is his ability to improve staff retention. Keeping employees happy and willing to remain at their jobs is a very difficult task. He has achieved this through the enhancement of recruiting efforts, collective bargaining, compensation adjustments, and effective negotiations.

Kevin Seawright’s history of success proves that he understands corporate finances. over the past decade he has used his talent to benefit a host of different businesses.

He has earned a useful education from some of the country’s most prestigious institutions. Kevin is proof that hard work and dedication can pay major dividends.

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