José Auriemo Neto Led JHSF Into Extreme Growth And A Successful Future

One of Brazil’s leading real estate development corporations is JHSF. The business was founded in 1972 by Jose Roberto Auriemo and his brother Fabio in Sao Paulo. The brothers envisioned their construction company becoming a real estate development giant. By 2001, the company was involved with the big projects, and brought about Brazil’s mall revolution. This began with the Metro Santa Cruz mall development in Sao Paulo. This was the first known Brazilian mall with an integration to the local subway. This concept provided the convenience customers enjoyed for shopping, and they could easily access reliable transportation.

The company’s leadership changed with the first son of Fabio, Jose Auriemo Neto. He took over the business when he was just 27. His new ideas and successful strategies resulted in the diversification and growth of JHSF. He chose to go after the high-end luxury market, and due to his leadership the high end and ultra-modern Cidade Jardim complex was launched in 2006. This is where the Shopping Cidade Jardim is housed, has become one of the country’s premier destinations for shopping, and every large international brand can be found by consumers.

The leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto was responsible for many changes within the company, including the publicly listed offering regarding their shares in 2007. The Novo Mercado of BMF & Bovespa made it possible for JHSF to access more capital, and this was how Jose Auriemo Neto gained the controlling shares in the Fasano Group hotels. The diversification of the company’s assets throughout Brazil continued, and new developments including the Fazenda Boa Vista, the Horto Bela Vista Complex, the Catarina Fashion Outlet, and so many others were successfully established. Jose Auriemo Neto also believed in exploring the international markets, such as the 815 building in New York, right on 5th Avenue.