Jorge Moll: The Brazilian Doctor That Cares

In the article If It Feels Good To Be Good, It Might Be Natural, Shankar Vedantam talks about how Moll and Grafman’s “an experiment has lead researchers to believe that the moral compass, is although hardwired, varies from person to person” (2007). For one reason or another people realized that they couldn’t continue through generations, fulfilling urges that propelled them. Instead they considered, for the survival of their groups, that they had to learn how to respect each other consistently. Out of this, morality came into fruition. Jorge Moll and Grafman were both surprised by this. In Vedantam’s article where he continues, “Altruism…was not a superior moral faculty that suppresses basic selfish urges but rather is basic to the brain, hard-wired and pleasurable”, is as stated earlier a natural pattern of people ( It’s surprising that Jorge Moll had not stumbled upon this a little earlier as a researcher. Nevertheless, let me introduce you to Jorge Moll.

A lover of neurology, Jorge Moll, the neuroscientist, is always debriefing himself and producing work in this area of expertise as if it were no man’s land, with full reign over it. He has produced so much work that one of his articles fell just shy of being cited 1000 times. And, hailing from The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Jorge Moll has studied a multitude of medical disciplines, garnering him a degree in neurology, and a Ph.D. in Paraphysiology a few years later. He continues to go beast by staying goal oriented, positively motivated and strongly stressing the pursuit of optimal health. With that being said he’s a healer of sorts, beyond fiction.