Igor Cornelsen Understands How To Invest Successfull In Brazil

It takes a solid grasp on the investment laws and a deep understanding of the Brazilian economy to make money investing in Brazil. Investment advisor Igor Cornelsen has earned almost legendary status in Brail because he has helped countless people to become wealthy by showing them how, where and when to invest in Brazil. His investment advice is based on his decades of experienced working in leadership positions in the country’s top banks and businesses. Plus he has a rare talent for understanding and designing effective investment strategies. Even the fast-food behemoth Burger King has turned to him for investment advice.


To many people considering investing in Brazil, the economic situation and stock markets seem like a tangled mess. Igor Cornelsen looks at the same set of information and circumstances and sees great opportunities. His practiced eye and understanding of the Brazilian economy and stock markets enables him to spot trends and investment opportunities long before most people even realize they exist. That is why even today people continue to reach out to Cornelsen for investment advice when they are contemplating investing in Brazil or a Brazilian company. And he never disappoints.


After many decades of working magic for investors in Brail, Cornelsen is now semi-retired. He spends a great deal of his time these days trying to shave a stroke or two off of his golf game. However, he’s still involved in providing insight, advice and guidance to people that want to invest in Brazil, worldwide commodities markets, emerging markets or any other lucrative investment opportunities. His new company is the Bainbridge Group. Through this Colorado based company Cornelsen continues to dole out the investment advice that led to him being raised to legend status in Brazil. The advice he offers today is as accurate as it’s always been.


Hundreds of years ago explorers saw Brazil as ‘El Dorado’, the city of gold. Today the wealth and economic opportunities in this South American country still intrigues many people. Fortunately, through the help of Igor Cornelsen, people are continuing to find great wealth in Brazil, a modern ‘City of Gold’.