How EOS Is Changing Lip Balm Standards

A new trend that has people talking is their love for EOS lip balms. The trend has set the bar high for competition lip balm makers. The bar had already been set high when EOS came out. They came onto the market in a new shape and a number of flavors. This trend alone left people talking. The fact that they have now stepped up the game even further by creating a crystal clear EOS lip balm has people talking even more.

Evolution of Smooth, EOS, is just one of the many brands of lip balm on the market, view more. They run competition against Burt’s Bees and Chapstick. Until recently, the number one seller was Burt’s Bees and then Chapstick however they have been replaced by making EOS the number two seller of lip balm.

What is all the fuss about you ask? Well, for starters, when EOS came on to the market, people were talking right away because it was not marketed in the regular tube of lip balm. The lip balm instead appeared on the market inside of a sphere. This sphere allows for users to be able to locate their lip balm in their purses easier than before. Not only that, the round sphere allows for the lip balm to be placed on the lips easier than most other brands. For more information visit this link,

The next best selling point, variety. No one wants plain lip balm to moisturize their lips. Consumers instead want to purchase something that is more than just a moisturizer. They also want something that taste good and smells good. After all, you will be wearing the lip balm for extended periods of time. Shoppers want to make sure that they are able to wear something that also makes their lips look good and that is just what EOS does for their shoppers, go to There are a number of reasons to purchase EOS, these are just some of the reasons.

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