Have a plan

     Always have a plan and a strategy that you intend to hold in place, even when the world around you falls apart – just as it was expected to in the year 2,000, a time in which all computer systems would fail and there would be global calamities of numerous kinds upon the earth. Alexandre Gama, founder and CEO of Neogama, did not believe in the prefabricated myths and mis contorted stories of the time; he instead put his hands to work and founded his first business. Ever since then, it has only grown and grown.

It now has thousands of clients in advertising and copywriting segments, not to mention hundreds of employees of its own: Neogama has stood as a top Brazilian business for many years. No, the world did not end in 2,000. No, people who wasted their money in hopes of an apocalypse did not get reimbursed.