Get the Ultimate Tour of the Napa Valley guided by a Travelling Vineyard Wine Guide

     The Napa Valley is famous for growing the best grapes and production of wine. Besides its finest wine, Napa also has the best tourist attraction sites that one can visit guided by the Travelling Vineyard wine guides.

The Napa Art Walk

A visit to the Napa Art Walk is for 3-D art enthusiasts. Additionally, one can find several artifacts including sculptures made by some of the world’s creative artists.

Learn Invaluable information at the Napa Valley Historical Society

The other great place to visit is the Napa Valley Historical Society which offers knowledge on the history of the Napa Valley. Such information includes its look over a century ago as well as its early settlers.

Get the Best Olive treat at Round Pond Estate

Other than growing the best grapes, the Napa Valley also produces the best olives on earth. Round Pond has top quality Mediterranean olives grown using traditional methods. They have a broad selection of olive oils containing fruits, herbs, flowers and spices. Moreover, there are tour guides that can explain all details included in the procedure of manufacturing the oils.

Learn how to cook at Silverado Cooking School

The Silverado Cooking School offers lessons on the best food to accompany different wine varieties. Here, one can sharpen their culinary skills and learn several basic and advanced cooking techniques from basic.

Feel relaxed at the Auberge Spa

The Auberge Spa offers intensive therapeutic massages ad baths that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Additionally, there other activities like balloon rides, hiking, yoga classes, painting lessons and biking at the resort.

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