Fabletics Lay Down Plans to Design plus Sized Women Sportswear in 2017

Fashionable or affordable is the question that many women ask when it comes to choosing athletic wear. Fashion designers have not been able to find the balance between the two in solving women athletic wears. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg became keen with these women trends in 2010 when they realized that the industry might remain high all the time. On realizing this untapped potential, the dynamic duo launched Fabletics with the aim of creating good-looking wears that are affordable, functional and fashionable.


Contrary to the prevailing market trends, the duo decided to focus on what women wanted as opposed to what is fashionable. Through focus groups and consumers tests, they were able to uncover the biggest problem that women had been facing in the sportswear industry. The traditional women sportswear was expensive and ill-fitting. Moreover, the quality was poor making the wears uncomfortable. This meant that only the wealthy class could afford quality women sportswear.


Incorporating Kate Hudson


When Don Ressler brought in Kate Hudson, it was the beginning of a restructuring journey. Many companies had failed to match different sizes of women with well-fitting sportswear. When the actress joined Fabletics, she served as the brand spokeswoman. Her duty was to sell the brand to the public. With her consumer communication skills and her experience and passion for media, she was brought in the firm as a co-founder. Since then, she has strengthened the brand’s online presence.


Some Major Challenges


During the early stages of the business, several problems engulfed the firm including funding. Don Ressler had to battle the challenge if success was to be achieved. Despite the challenges, Mr. Ressler succeeded in forming a brand that was both fashionable and functional. With some experience in the fashion industry, Ressler was able to match comfort, affordability, and style in Fabletics’ designs.


Why is Fabletics Unique


Fabletics has maintained a strong online presence and unmatched grassroots appeal, which makes the company, stand out from the rest of their competitors. Through the use of Kate Hudson conversational skills and magnetism, Fabletics has been able to utilize social media to reach a lot of people online. For instance, a client can subscribe as a VIP and pay a monthly subscription of $50 a month. In return, the client will be able to get discounted prices, reward points for purchases and free shipping.


Plans for 2017


As if this success is not enough, the Don Ressler Led firm announced that they would be working harder to expand their market share. Specifically, the company will be launching brands for plus size women. This might be a radical measure for the company as these clothes will give these plus size women to take care of their health and lose weight. http://perezhilton.com/tag/don_ressler/#.Wbw5M9FryM8