Fabletics And The Growing TechStyle Company

Fabletics is perhaps the star brand in the fashion industry. It is gaining a lot of attention and sales. People are wondering more about what this particular brand has to offer. This has resulted in more sign ups. They offer a membership plan which includes a monthly fee. This allows people to get a glimpse of the items that are not found anywhere else. They will not only be able to buy the products, but they will also get some free items. This business model is what has gotten the attention of many industry experts which has called this company a unicorn.


With all of its growth, it is important to know that Fabletics is part of a growing company called TechStyle, founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. With TechStyle, the aim is to influence the trends in the industry in any way that they can and even take the time to bring a new spin on any area of the industry. They look for parts of the fashion industry that seem either dead or stagnant and they breathe a lot of new life into the market. They are also willing to take some risks in order to be able to gauge what will bring up more sales in the market.


One thing that Fabletics aims to do is include everyone in the audience. Therefore, the company has become known as an all inclusive company. While the term all inclusive typically means women of all sizes, the goal can become to include men as well. While TechStyle does fashion mainly for women, there is a men’s line that has opened up in the Fabletics brand. This is where men are offered a lot of durable clothes that they can work out. This is turning out to be a good move on the part of Don and Adam.


One of the major steps with TechStyle is their goal to help people find what makes them feel good. This is one of the reasons that they like to experiment with designs in order to see what sells. If they see that a certain design sells, then they are going to bring more of those designs out. Adam Goldenberg wants to make sure that the products they offer are those that customers want. This is one of the reasons that Fabletics and other brands in the TechStyle Family deal with the least overhead in their product lines.

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