EOS Review of Visibly Soft Lip Balm

I recently purchased EOS visibly soft lip balm because my lips tend to get very dry during this time of year and I have been searching all over and trying every lip balm known to man to stop my lips from being dry because when they are dry they start to hurt and bother me. Upon purchasing the visibly soft lip balm in the flavor vanilla mint I used it for about a week. Within this week of trying my new lip balm from EOS I discovered that it is the only lip balm on the market that I have tried that not only soothes my lips but prevents them from being chapped. I am now in love with EOS and recommend their products to everyone, see evolutionofsmooth.com. Next on my list for purchase is their medicated lip balm and all the other visibly soft lip balm flavors that are available.

EOS lip balm products can be found at nearly every store that carry’s lip balm or cosmetic products. It can be found at your local target, ulta, Walmart, Walgreens, and even CVS. EOS lip balm has recently released their newest line of products, order here. These products are known as the Crystal lip balms. There are three different crystal lip balm flavors plus, hibiscus peach, and vanilla orchid.

Vanilla orchid is for those who like vanilla flavored lip balm and hibiscus peach is for those who prefer a fruitier flavored lip balm whereas plus flavored crystal lip balm is made with essential oils and is a liquid lip balm that comes in a lip balm stick container. The best part about EOS Crystal lip balm is that they are vegan and free of beeswax unlike many of the other lip balms on the market, refer also to dm.de. Some people are allergic to beeswax and others simply only use vegan cosmetic products making the Crystal lip balm perfect for them.

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