EOS Lip Balm Quality Review

EOS Lip Balm is an organic product that is loaded with natural antioxidant-rich and moisturizing ingredients that include Vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil. It does not contain parabens, which can be carcinogenic, or cancer-causing, so this makes it safer to use than other lip balms. It is also free of petrolatum, which can be toxic as well, due to some chemical properties that it has.

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EOS product provides a great deal of hydration to parched and chapped lips, and it has many scented flavors that are pleasantly refreshing. It leaves lips feeling smooth and supple, and customers like the taste that most of the balms have. The Sweet Mint and Vanilla Mint flavors are two of the ones that customers like the most.

The fruity balms of EOS, like Summer Fruit, Passion Fruit and Honeysuckle Honeydew, are also popular due to their sweet and fresh smells. And Strawberry Sorbet has been ranked as having the best taste. It’s also been said to smell like real strawberries when it is on the lips. Other customer favorites include, Pomegranate Raspberry, Blueberry Acai and Coconut Milk.

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This evolutionary moisturizing lip product that comes in an oval-shaped container, or sphere, can be found at a good price in many drug stores, like CVS and Walgreen’s, as well as in retail stores, such as Target and Walmart. It can also be found under the Health and Personal Care heading on Amazon.com.

Due to their moisturizing quality, and the soft condition they leave users’ lips in, EOS lip balms continue to be the most preferred in its category, see thedermreview.com. Its use of natural ingredients is what makes it different and more effective than a lot of other lip moisturizers. And the sweet and inviting flavors also play a big part in why consumers have a preference for this product.

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