EOS Lip Balm Flavors

Evolution of Smooth, also known as EOS, is a company that offers lip and skin care products. They are very well-known for their line of lip balms. They have many different types of lip balm, and some are organic.

EOS’ organic lip balms are extremely hydrating and enhances the wearer’s natural beauty. They are made with 100% natural ingredients and are dermatologist-tested. Below is a description of each of the company’s organic lip balms.

Strawberry Sorbet is pink and sweet just like the dessert.

Passion Fruit has a tropical flavor. Gluten-free, it moisturizes and softens.

Pomegranate is made with all-natural ingredients and gives the wearer the ideal balance of flavor and moisture, check it here at dm.de.

Summer Fruit contains the refreshing flavors of peach, blueberry, and strawberry.

Sweet Mint gives lips an ideal amount of moisture which is available here now.

Honeysuckle Honeydew has the flavor of fresh honeydew and keeps lips feeling smooth and soft the entire day.

Vanilla Bean is made with nourishing oils.

Blueberry Acai is rich with antioxidants and tastes of blueberry and acai.

Wildberry is enriched with fruit extracts.

Each of these lip balms is packaged in a beautiful, egg-shaped container and is packed with vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil.

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