End Citizens United Believes Rick Scott is Using PAC Money to Fund Campaign

End Citizens United has always stood firmly to make sure campaign finance laws are upheld by the Courts in the United States. Recently, a complaint against Rick Scott was filed by End Citizens United with the Federal Election Commission. According to the End Citizens United political action committee, Rick Scott’s funding for his political campaigning has been using a “super PAC” to raise funds. So far, around $78 million has been raised for his campaigns. While it may be completely legal for a PAC to raise and spend as money as it wants as long as it’s not directly associated with any individual campaigns, it is suspected that Rick Scott is using the New Republican PAC to raise money for his campaigns. In fact, he held the position of Chairman for the New Republican PAC before he began his run for Senate.

Adam Bozzi believes that Rick Scott does not care about the laws concerning campaign financing and is only following his own political goals for the Senate seat. It is possible that he is using this PAC to avoid having to disclose the donors to his campaign and so he can raise large amounts quickly. While Rick Scott’s representatives are all claiming that these allegations are not true, End Citizens United has presented documents that strongly suggest otherwise. Despite Rick Scott saying that he had not been working with the New Republican PAC, there is evidence that he has been active in the committee in the last few months. As late as January, their website still listed him as the Chairman of the PAC.

In 2015, End Citizens United was created in response to the actions that the Citizens United PAC was taking in court that allowed them to not have to reveal the sources of their funding. Up until this point, PACs were always legally obligated to do so. The decision made by the Supreme Court that allowed them to keep this information confidential was met with resistance. It was shown that most residents of the United States believe that PAC limitations should, in fact, be placed and sources should have to be revealed. Unfortunately, Citizens United has supporters behind them with a large amount of money and political power. The Koch brothers and Betsy Devos are just some of these supporters, this gives the Republican party an unfair advantage according to the Democratic party and other supporters.

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