Crystal Vegan Formula’s by EOS

The Evolution of Smooth (EOS) is the perfect name for this company. My lips stay smooth now that I use EOS lip balm. When EOS announced its new vegan formula, I wasn’t immediately sold on the need to buy vegan since I was so content with the original formula. It wasn’t until I saw that the balm was clear and that was intriguing. I wanted to know what made the vegan balm different.

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I bought the Peach Hibiscus and after using it for one day, I was in love. The texture of my lips was just as soft, if not softer and the flavor of the balm is out of this world. I like the original flavors like berry acai and strawberry sorbet, but I’m crazy about Peach Hibiscus.

The strawberry sorbet is 100% natural, and paraben and petrolatum free, see here. I thought that was enough safety until, I discovered how light the crystal balms were. Now, I just want crystal on my lips.

Knowing that the formula is vegan is positive, although not necessary for my body. I don’t gravitate to vegan products regularly, although I do enjoy the occasional vegan diet from time to time. Despite that fact, I appreciate that this balm doesn’t use beeswax. Still, my lips feel more like they have been conditioned after applying the vegan lip balm. I had no idea, the wax could hinder the affects of the conditioners that EOS is composed of, but now that I feel my lips without the beeswax, I’m sticking with the vegan formula.

Now, its Peach Hibiscus all the way, unless I get up the nerve to try the Vanilla Orchid. The flower names kind of frightened me, but I am very happy with Hibiscus, so Orchid will probably just as pleasant. All I know for sure is, I’m a true convert. I’ll always use the vegan EOS Lip Balms.

Crystal Lip Balms come in only two flavors right now, but hopefully soon the flavor choices will rival those of the original flavors, also available here at I’ll eagerly keep a variety of them, like I did with the originals.

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