Copa Star: Leading The Race In Sustainable Luxury Hospitals In Brazil

Copa Star is one of the few hospitals in Brazil fulfilling the niche and need for luxury hospitals. The Copa Star Hospital is a leading center for health care in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and offers the best, state of the art luxury services while doing so. Located in the heart of the city, which serves to be convenient for all the people of Rio, the hospital aims to give its patients a unique but luxurious experience while treating their ailments.

The hospital was built after the realization of the need of a health care center of its kind arose in Brazil. The hospital isn’t just known in Brazil, but throughout the world for being one of the pioneers in high standard luxury hospitals. The hospital was built keeping in mind that patients want quality treatment while feeling comfortable at the hospital because it is a foreign environment at the end of the day. Copa Star demonstrates a beautiful blend of a luxury hotel experience while providing the most advanced medical solutions. Visit their profile page on Facebook.

Copa Star believes that a healthy environment is essential to the overall recovery of its patients. For this purpose, the patients have access to private suites which boast of beautiful architecture and comfort, giving the patients a comfortable environment while they recover. Also, patients have access to incredible meal choices and a fine dining restaurant, all within the hospital premises. A single look at the hospital and all it offers, one would easily mistake it for a luxury hotel.

However, that’s not all that Copa Star has to offer. The hospital isn’t just beautiful looking; it also is one of the top tier hospitals in Brazil. Employees at Copa Star are selected through a highly intricate process. The hospital employs only the best of the best to provide its patients what they would want the most from a top tier hospital – amazing doctors and healthcare services. Currently, the hospital staffs over five hundred employees and provide patients with the best medical professionals, 24×7.

The doctors at Copa Star hold extremely high standards for their practice and are some of the best in their field. The Copa Star has one of the leading cardiological and neurological departments in the country. With highly specialized doctors, the Copa Star ensures that their patients receive the best medical attention for any ailment they may have.

The Copa Star realized that with all the cutting edge technology and resources used on an everyday basis, the energy consumption of a hospital of this kind would be extremely high. For that purpose, to do their bit to save the environment, the hospital has in place energy efficient and sustainable generators to reduce its energy consumption by almost fifty percent compared to other hospitals of its kind.

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