Conor Lamb and End Citizens United Set Sights on Sweeping Change in PA Special Election

     The resistance is spreading and now Pennsylvania may be in its crosshairs. Since the election of Donald Trump, Republicans nationwide have been struggling to hold onto their seats at the state level. President Trump’s historically low favorability ratings have led to 35 state seats flipping from red to blue, compared to just 4 flipping in the other direction. In Pennsylvania, we’ll see a young Democratic challenger in Conor Lamb face off against a seasoned military intelligence officer by the name of Rick Saccone. The traditionally red district could serve s a temperature test for the upcoming Congressional Midterms.

Conor Lamb, at just 33-years-old, will have to d what no progressive has been able to do in almost a decade: mount a serious challenge for a Congressional seat in the 18th District of Pennsylvania. The special election will be held on March 13th in a district that President Trump managed to win by 20% during the 2016 Presidential Election. Despite these unlikable odds, Conor Lamb may have better odds than you might otherwise think. For one, trends show progressives getting out to vote. Secondly, Conor Lamb scored an endorsement from one of the most passionate progressive groups in the nation — End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is a grassroots political action committee that was established just two years ago. The political action committee scored its name from the 2010 Supreme Court case revolving around a conservative group named Citizens United. Citizens United, led by a lawyer named James Bopp, essentially argued that corporations were people and that they should be allowed to exercise their right to spend as much money in the form of political donations. The decision was controversial but it still made its way through the Supreme Court, thus permanently wedging a door by which lobbyists could pour into Washington D.C.

End Citizens United makes it their habit to endorse candidates who are willing to stand tall and fight to introduce legislation to overturn the Citizens United decision. Conor Lamb’s decision to champion campaign finance reform allowed him to tap into the progressive fever that is sweeping through the nation. Lamb will have to fight to overcome a traditionally red district and he’ll be also fighting against the President himself. President Trump recently endorsed Rick Saccone while urging other top Republicans to put time and effort into supporting his campaign. From these actions, it is clear that Republicans are reeling from progressive momentum.