Waikea Water: a Natural Alternative

In a bottled water industry valued at over $100 billion dollars, it’s not uncommon to hear phrases like “naturally sourced” or “all-natural” used as marketing ploys to gain the interest of prospective consumers. Unfortunately, in many cases, certain companies tend to overpromise and underdeliver, but what if there was truth in advertising, what if there was a company that was everything that it purported itself as being? Well, such is the case for Waiakea, a brand of refreshing bottled water sourced from the volcanoes of Hawaii. If you’re not already familiar with this brand of bottled water, Waiakea is a company that differentiates itself from competitors in several key ways including their environmentally safe bottling and water filtration process.

Founded in 2012, Waikea water is quickly becoming a favorite amongst bottled water enthusiast, and the company’s sales figures are a testament to that fact. As a relative newcomer in the bottled water sector, Waikea has enjoyed unprecedented growth; in fact, the company is currently valued at $10 million dollars, which represents a 170% annual rate of growth since it’s inception. To better contextualize this statement, when Waikea first began selling water they sold an average of 2,300 cases annually; today, however, the company is averaging over 120,000.

Why is Waikea water so successful? Well, they are doing something that their competitors are not, which is giving consumers what they want. Let’s face it, consumers who don’t care about the water they consume would simply drink tap water. Waikea is providing consumers with water that is sourced from the beautiful island of Hawaii, specifically the Mauna Los volcano. The water sourced from this volcano undergoes a natural filtration process as it passes over and through volcanic rock; during this process, the Hawaiian volcanic water is infused with an array of electrolytes and minerals, which have a variety of health benefits.

Once the water has been gathered, Waikea moves on to the bottling process, which is something that many consumers are interested in, especially the environmentally conscious. Unlike other bottled water companies, Waikea does not use BPA plastics to bottle their water. The company, instead, uses fully degradable recycled polyethylene terephthalate, which has been proven safer for the environment. In addition, this bottling process is far more cost-efficient, and these savings are passed on to the consumer.


Dr. Dov Rand: Specializing in Wellness and Health

Many people across the United States are looking for a way on how they can lose weight. The prevalence of fast food and another unhealthy diet across the nation have sparked an epidemic of obesity, and those who are having a hard time losing weight would like to test other ways on how they can become slimmer. In New Jersey, a clinic is focusing on how they can help people lose weight. Dr. Dov Rand of the Healthy Aging Medical Center in West Orange, New Jersey, is willing to help those people who are suffering from obesity and becoming overweight. His clinic is one of the leading wellness institutions in the state of New Jersey, and he stated that he would be able to help out those who wanted to become fit and slim.

Graduating from the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York, Dr. Dov Rand knows how to deal with the problem of being overweight and has introduced an IV therapy for those who want to lose weight. He is also providing services for those who wanted to take anti-aging procedures and other regenerative medicine processes. The integrative care that the clinic of Dr. Dov Rand provides is the first of its kind, and many people are now flocking onto his clinic because of his superb expertise in enhancing the figure of his patients (Newjerseyivtherapy). He has also introduced IV nutrient therapy to the public, which would allow the body to take the nutrient that it needs without the requirement of overeating food. He serves all genders and all ages, and the alternative solution that he proposes to combat obesity is gaining track across the United States.

Interested individuals could set up an appointment with Dr. Dov Rand’s clinic, and his helpful assistants with be helping the customers to meet the famed doctor. Once in the clinic, the staff will be getting some vital information from the patient to determine how Dr. Dov Rand can help him or her out. There will be a series of tests that will be conducted to identify the right exercise regimen best suited for the individual.