OSI Group Pays Special Attention to Food Safety

     One of the most important aspects of the food that is sold to people is the safety of the product. There are many cases when someone could consume something only to get some kind of virus or issue that is very painful. This is why OSI Group pays special attention to the food it sells to food service companies. For one thing, OSI Group engages in practices of food safety that surpass any other food company. They believe in making sure the food is clean and healthy. One thing they don’t want is for people to get sick from the food they give others.

While they are very thorough in their food safety practices, they are always looking for ways that they can improve on their practices so that they will be able to continue to serve their customers. They are also looking to bring improvements in different areas of their business. This is perhaps a the most important reason for people to do business with OSI Group. They never get complacent in any aspect of their food service. They always look for ways to grow. Therefore, they seek to form new partnerships with food service providers. They also want to form connections with experts in the food service industry.

The professionals of OSI Group are some of the hardest working people to come across. For one thing, they are always thinking about what they can offer their customers and how they can improve on their offer. After all, they really want their customers to be healthy. Even with fattening food, they do everything they can to make sure that their offers are clean and free of anything that can cause problems in anyone’s body. Different types of restaurants enjoy the thought that is put into the products that are offered.

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Young Entrepreneur Founds an Entirely New Type of Dating App

     One of the co-founders of Tinder, Whitney Wolfe has moved on to develop an entirely new dating platform that she bills as “100% Feminist” – Bumble.

Cofounded with Badoo‘s Andrey Andreev, who encouraged Whitney to stick to what she knows when she first began forming a new venture, the company is the fourth most popular dating platform (Tinder is #1). Whitney founded the company at the age of 24 in december 2014.

Her dating platform, like other similar apps, still utilizes the swiping controls of other apps, but has a twist: only women can make the first move.

Inspiring this change is the growing complaint that when men contact women on apps, they sometimes get very aggressive, insulting, and vulgar. Women flinch at verbal assaults disguised as icebreakers. The more outlandish propositions have even generated a sort of cottage industry on YouTube where comedy groups read graphic, NSFW conversations out loud

(men and women representing the original writers). Though some of the conversations are hilarious, reading them aloud really puts across how wildly inappropriate it is to speak to anyone this way, ever.

Thinking about the fact that men are traditionally expected to make the first move, a stressful situation, you can see how guys get frustrated. There are millions of users on these dating platforms, so one man alone can be rejected a TON of times a night, if he keeps at it. The resulting aggression defeats the entire purpose of the exercise.

In Whitney Wolfe’s female-first Bumble, women initiate all interactions. So rather than facing dozens of rejections a night, men get to be flattered at being chosen. Wolfe has commented that women who later actually meet up with these men on dates find them to be respectful, engaged, and genuine on the whole. Since whoever makes the first move sets the tone, having this female first restriction puts women in charge of laying the emotional foundation for the first and subsequent interactions, rather than being put into the place of reacting to a man’s advances. Men do not build up this aggressive resentment that leads to incredibly insulting, fruitless interactions, and women feel empowered and safe to choose a person they’d like to get to know.

Bumble has its base in Austin Texas, a choice that keeps them away from the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley, where the pressure to make appearances and compete with the boys can be distracting. Her central crew of six women focuses on making Bumble a platform where new connections – romantic or otherwise – are made in a friendly, with interesting people from all over in a happy environment with a bent towards spreading good feeling and positive energy.

Check http://www.macworld.com/article/3181873/sxsw/how-bumble-is-becoming-the-connection-queen-of-the-app-store.html for more.

David McDonald’s Involvement in Management and Sustainability of OSI Industries

     David McDonald is the president of OSI Industries and a native of Chicago. He is knowledgeable in the administration of the food industries. McDonald is a graduate of esteemed Iowa State University where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree. He joined OSI Industries upon graduating college in 1987. McDonald has been working for this company for close to three decades. He is skilled in management, leadership, and human resource.

McDonald’s contributions at OSI Group

McDonald has been on the forefront when it comes to growing OSI Industries. OSI Industries is a food processing company that deals in meat products. This company has operations in China, Europe, and the United States. McDonald is tasked to oversee the company’s global network. He is also responsible for supervising and managing local management teams that ensure that these groups understand and produce foods with high tastes and cultures. OSI Group’s main centers of operations are in Aurora.

OSI Group is active in sustainability activities. This company is passionate about making positive impacts to the world. McDonald plays a huge role in ensuring that OSI Industries adheres to the environmental sustainability as well as maintain strong ties with the communities and people they contact. He also ensures that the company works within the economic, ecological, and social frameworks. According to McDonald, global supply chain and food industry sustainability are OSI Industries’ core priorities. He is also responsible for overseeing other sustainable activities such as:

  • Health and safety
  • Diversity
  • Employee development
  • Animal welfare
  • Production and agricultural practices

McDonald has also facilitated the company’s major transactions, such as the acquisition of Baho Foods, a Dutch-based meat processing company. This company has other subsidiaries including Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience, Gelderland Frischwaren, Bakx Foods, and Henri van de Bilt. Baho also has plants in Netherlands and Germany. Based on McDonald’s statement, this purchase would give OSI Industries broader presence across Europe. He also added that Baho’s portfolio complements OSI Industries’ capabilities and strengths.

For more, please visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137.

UKV PLC Should Be Your Primary Choice of Vintners, as They Place an Enormous Amount of Importance on Manufacturing

     UKV PLC is a wine producer that’s recently been acknowledged as being a company that is a good choice for any wine enthusiast to invest in, as they’re offering products that are undergoing a full process of fermenting. The fermentation process of wines consists of having fruits of the beverages’ sugars convert into the amounts of alcohol that have been intended to in the final product. If the sugars of the fruits that have been contained in the wine product have not been converted into alcohol in the right amounts, then it’s highly possible the product is not going to offer a taste that the end-user may have looked forward to attaining. Be sure to speak with one of the representatives of UKV PLC today to see what you may be able to do to invest in a great wine product that has been made specifically for the end-user to truly enjoy.

UKV PLC is a special vintner because not only do they place significant amounts of importance on their processes of fermenting, they also place significant amounts of importance on sanitizing. Sanitizing the fermenting tanks is a process of wine manufacturing that’s often overlooked, but one that should not be overlooked due to the importance that it serves. It’s important for customers to ensure they’re investing in wine products that undergo full processes of sanitation, as it essentially removes harmful toxins and bacteria from the final product of the wine. Speaking with a help desk associate is going to provide you with a myriad of answers to concerns or questions that you may be having at any point in time. UKV PLC has been given a lot of credit for being a company that truly cares about what their respective customer base things about them and the products that they’re providing.

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Get the Ultimate Tour of the Napa Valley guided by a Travelling Vineyard Wine Guide

     The Napa Valley is famous for growing the best grapes and production of wine. Besides its finest wine, Napa also has the best tourist attraction sites that one can visit guided by the Travelling Vineyard wine guides.

The Napa Art Walk

A visit to the Napa Art Walk is for 3-D art enthusiasts. Additionally, one can find several artifacts including sculptures made by some of the world’s creative artists.

Learn Invaluable information at the Napa Valley Historical Society

The other great place to visit is the Napa Valley Historical Society which offers knowledge on the history of the Napa Valley. Such information includes its look over a century ago as well as its early settlers.

Get the Best Olive treat at Round Pond Estate

Other than growing the best grapes, the Napa Valley also produces the best olives on earth. Round Pond has top quality Mediterranean olives grown using traditional methods. They have a broad selection of olive oils containing fruits, herbs, flowers and spices. Moreover, there are tour guides that can explain all details included in the procedure of manufacturing the oils.

Learn how to cook at Silverado Cooking School

The Silverado Cooking School offers lessons on the best food to accompany different wine varieties. Here, one can sharpen their culinary skills and learn several basic and advanced cooking techniques from basic.

Feel relaxed at the Auberge Spa

The Auberge Spa offers intensive therapeutic massages ad baths that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Additionally, there other activities like balloon rides, hiking, yoga classes, painting lessons and biking at the resort.

About Travelling Vineyard

Many individuals would love to have the opportunity to earn extra cash while working flexible hours. The Travelling Vineyard is a wine selling company founded in 2001, and it offers its wine guides the chance to work from home, without supervision, no quotas and no stock at hand.

All one needs to do is sign up, get assigned a wine guide who will help you as you start your journey. Afterward one gets a success kit that possesses the necessary tools to host their wine tasting event where they can share wine knowledge with other wine lovers. From the wine tasting event, people can order wines, and the company will deliver. Travelling Vineyard will pay you 35% of the total amount of sales you make.

With an active social media presence, Travelling Vineyard continues to promote their wines on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Moreover, they appreciate client feedback and will often respond to queries.

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