Celebrities, The Who and How


Nicki Minaj: Born, “Onika Tanya Maraj” is a professional female Hip-Hop artist known for her vulgar content and her surprisingly fast rap flow.. Minaj is the only real black female Hip-Hop artist to be extremely successful. Minaj, like most female rap/hip-hop, only gained fame from a hit single, but ever since then she has blown up. This in mind she is the epitome of success in her own category.

Selena Gomez: Gomez, like many other hit artists, got her fame from television. She started with the popular show on Disney channel called “Wizards of Waverly Place.” The show is no longer in production, but that doesn’t stop this women from being one of the most popular singers as of right now. Selena continually drops chart topping content. She also has an extremely large social media fan base, this shows in her 62 million and counting Instagram followers. Not bad for some one who hasn’t been in the celebrity game for very long aside from “Barnie” her true real start in acting.  As Selena Gomez bikini pictures show, she’s not bad looking either


Eminem: There isn’t much you can say to defame this man, he is known as the greatest of all time and him being Caucasian really changed the rap game forever. He is known for his deep, meaningful, and clever lyricism, as well as rap fashion. He strongly influenced the way rap is perceived today, which is the main reason he is on this list.


Tupac: The greatest black rapper to live? Most people will agree. Tupac grew up into a very tough life, but it doesn’t change what he did. He is known for the racial equality in his songs. Some may call him the Martin Luther King of the rap game. His influence in trying to make people understand equality will make him never forgotten and forever loved. This man is the only other man who deserves a spot on this list.