Jason Hope and SENS Foundation on the path of getting an anti-aging drug

The SENS Foundation and Jason Hope are together focusing on the development of an anti-aging medication. The CEO of SENS Foundation commented on the $500,000 donation by Jason Hope. Mike Hope stated the importance the contribution was going to have to fasten the process of getting solutions to the diseases that affect the elderly in our society. The generous donation by Jason Hope and other donors was going to help SENS come up with new biotech ways of fighting the aging process.

To be specific, Audrey de Grey who is a co-founder of SENS Foundation mentioned that the contribution by Jason Hope was going to prevent the bonding of artery-cell proteins. This was a very specific mention because De Grey would like to stop the hardening of arteries that trigger high blood pressure. These issues are among the leading causes of disease and conditions that speed up the process of aging; for the most part, these diseases cause death to most patients who get afflicted by it. This project will also go ahead to prevent diabetes, skin deterioration, eye problems, and other common conditions.

Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution. De Grey, scientists, and researchers believe that human beings have the potential of living more than 1,000 years. While these extensions of life cannot be within reach in the near future, De Grey and his supporters and colleagues believe that by learning how to confront cellular causes of growing old, there is a possibility of finding a way to reduce the aging effects to a minimum or eliminate it altogether. According to De Grey, he indicated that the breakthrough would not be with the intention of lengthening the period of aging, but it will offer a long healthy life to most people. People will become more physically strong in their old age than we have experienced.

The donation by Jason Hope will help in the development of the AGE-breakers medications which are engineered to eliminate end products of advanced glycation. As we age, the glycation products accumulate in our flesh, causing our skin and veins to become rigid. The increased rigidity can lead to age-related diseases like high blood pressure and others. Although we have seen medicines of AGE-breaking in animals, the breakthrough in humans is yet to be made. That is where SENS Foundation steps in, to research more on the potential hypothesis that has not been explored, to see if it can change how we age and live.

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Jeunesse Global Develops Highly Effective Multivitamin

In the health and beauty industry, it is difficult to start a new company that has anything to offer that has not already been done 1,000 times before. But every one in a while, a truly exceptional company comes along and shakes up the industries natural order. Jeunesse Global has proven to be just one such company. After being founded in 2009 Jeunesse has grown to become a billion-dollar player in a highly competitive industry. But this wasn’t the product of luck. Far from it, the company was founded by two of the most experienced and innovative veterans in the global health and beauty sector.


Both Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray had long been fixtures of the health and beauty industry, especially in the realm of direct marketing of beauty products. Both Ray and Lewis had built dozens of successful companies from the ground up, becoming independently wealthy at a relatively young age. As the couple aged into their senior years, they had made multiple attempts to walk away from the excitement of the business world. But each time, the couple felt the gravitational pull of the industry pulling them back. Click Here to learn more.



Shortly after retiring for the third time, the couple founded Jeunesse Global. It didn’t take long for both Ray and Lewis to jump headlong into building their new business, spending the majority of their free time on growing the company. Within its first year, Jeunesse was doing nearly $1 million in sales. By its fifth year, the company was doing tens of millions in business and had thousands of distributors in its ranks. See: (  www.crunchbase.com/organization/jeunesse-global-2)


Most of the spectacular growth can be attributed to the company’s great products. AM PM Essentials is one example of the quality of product that the company puts out. The multivitamin is a unique blend of some of the most potent natural substances on Earth. AM Essentials provides users with the boost they need in the morning, helping them to wake up with energy and stay focused throughout the day.


PM Essentials contains ingredients that promote a good, restful sleep. Users have reported that they have never been able to sleep so restfully before.


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Jeunesse Global Takes Health And Beauty Industry By Storm

It is rare that a new startup comes along and disrupts an entire established industry. But that is exactly what has happened in the case of Jeunesse Global. Founded in September of 2009, Jeunesse has grown exponentially, becoming of the premier distributors of health and beauty products worldwide.


The company was the brainchild of founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Having been involved in the health and beauty industry for nearly their entire lives, both Ray and Lewis had decided to attempt to retire for the third time. The couple had built a string of highly successful businesses and had long been independently wealthy. Although they had not been able to resist the call to jump back into the fray of running business before, they believed that the third attempt would prove to be the one that allowed them to stick to a life of golf courses and bingo.


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But when Lewis decided to begin selling a few items out of the couple’s garage in order to pass her spare time, Ray quickly jumped in as well. Within the first year of Jeunesse’s operations, the couple had done a few hundred thousand dollars in sales. By the second year, Jeunesse was doing well over a million. (View Source: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Jeunesse-Global)


Today, Jeunesse Global sells hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of health and beauty products. Jeunesse Global has developed some of the most innovative products seen in the last decade. It holds a number of patents for special formulations that were developed exclusively for use in Jeunesse products.


One example of a life-changing product that the company is currently selling is AM PM Essentials. This vitamin ensemble allows users to get all of their daily vitamins from one source, allowing them to free themselves from the hassles of keeping track of many different vitamin and supplement regimens throughout the day.


AM PM Essentials is a proprietary mix of vitamins that are optimized for both daytime and nighttime performance. The PM formulations allow the user to get a good night’s sleep, one of the most important factors in maintaining a youthful appearance as we age. The daytime formulation is designed to optimize the user’s waking hours.


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Why is Personal Cyber Security so important?

Is cybersecurity important? The short answer, yes. However, cybersecurity is more important than you may think. Continue reading to learn more about why cybersecurity is so important to businesses and individuals of personal interest.


Cyber attacks have become increasingly more common over the years as hacker technology continues to improve, and more humans are purchasing electronics. Between 2013-2015, the number of cyber attacks around the globe nearly quadrupled. The efforts to fight back against cyber crime (update security, more staff, and destruction of data) is going to cost trillions of dollars. Cyber attacks on medical devices are expected to grow to $101 billion by 2018.


Cybersecurity is a serious concern because of the level of severity of attacks. Hackers are getting more sophisticated with their plans. They are causing more damage to organizations and homes. All government employees are at risk of someone stealing their information. The Obama administration wanted there to be a $19 billion budget for the fight against cybercrime. Donald Trump signed an executive order in May to fight back against personal cyber security.


Rubica uses real-time analysis to prevent personal cyber security attacks. All you have to do is download their app on your smartphone, and they will watch for threats behind the scenes. Your personal cyber security is important to them. Rubica will alert you of any suspected account fraud. You can see charts with analyzed data explaining activity spikes across all of your devices.