EOS Luscious Lip Balm Berries

The EOS lip balm was developed after much consideration about the lip balm industry. The creator, John Teller wanted to make something that was not only new and innovative, but that delighted all five of your senses. Deciding on the perfect shape for this new chap stick took lots of time and deliberation. A clay artist was hired to come up with the perfect shape. After the colorful little spheres where created, with the the help of Walgreen’s, several well known beauty bloggers, and famous pop icons Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and Britney Spears, the lip balm became a massive brand, browse it at walmart.ca.

Head over to this wonderful site, http://www.frenchtribune.com/teneur/25365-eos-lip-balm-secret-mastering-french-girl-beauty.

EOS lip balm has an all natural formula that instantly moisturizes and smooths your lips. Some of the organic ingredients include vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil. This anti-oxidant rich formula is paired with several different delicious fruit flavors to make a yummy moisturizing product that is guaranteed to make your lips feel as smooth as ever, read more. The pomegranate raspberry flavor is juicy and delicious and will leave a wonderful taste on your lips. The sweet mint is a fan favorite known to leave your lips with a refreshing minty scent, but still a tad sweet to the taste. All of the fruit flavors are amazingly delicious, but not too harsh or strong. EOS lip balm leave you with the perfect moisture and the yummiest after taste and smell.