AIA Is A Game Changer

The United States based organization for architects known as the American Institute of Architects has been run by Robert Ivy for the last seven years since he has been promoted to the role of chief executive officer. The American Institute of architects has done an excellent job due to Robert Ivy and his leadership skills. He has prepared them to support other architects in the 21st century by teaching them the skills and techniques needed in these new times. He has been able to take the business in alignment with both his gifts and his passion.

Robert Ivy is an architect at heart and has a Masters degree from Tulane University. He would use that degree to gain a job at McGraw-Hill construction as their vice president. While he worked for McGraw-Hill construction he would also continue as the editor at the Architectural Record. His use of this media Corporation led to him being a prominent figure in the architecture world. Not only was he able to lead a business, he had what it took to lead an entire profession.

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It is Robert Ivy’s goal to continue speaking to the world and advocating for architects who consider the political issues of their day to focus on sustaining the environment. He teaches tactics and techniques that are able to be used to bring this goal into reality. Because he has been a constant advocate for political issues and natural sustainability he has received Jesse H Neal awards.

As CEO, Robert Ivy began changing the inner workings of the American Institute of Architects so that they could further their goals in the 21st century. It was at the Clinton foundation that he proclaimed to everybody that the American Institute of Architects would dedicate themselves to what he referred to as the decade of design. The decade of design was in initiative from the American Institute of architects where they would dedicate the next 10 years to research and develop solutions that architects could use to promote the areas of public health, resiliency challenges, and also sustainability. His announcement was met with why the claim and loved by all. The American Institute of Architects have been pushing for this goal for some time. They want to unify the environmental and human needs to be core to the organization’s mission.

Robert Ivy frequently hold workshops and seminars to equip architects for this new future.

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