Waikea Water: a Natural Alternative

In a bottled water industry valued at over $100 billion dollars, it’s not uncommon to hear phrases like “naturally sourced” or “all-natural” used as marketing ploys to gain the interest of prospective consumers. Unfortunately, in many cases, certain companies tend to overpromise and underdeliver, but what if there was truth in advertising, what if there was a company that was everything that it purported itself as being? Well, such is the case for Waiakea, a brand of refreshing bottled water sourced from the volcanoes of Hawaii. If you’re not already familiar with this brand of bottled water, Waiakea is a company that differentiates itself from competitors in several key ways including their environmentally safe bottling and water filtration process.

Founded in 2012, Waikea water is quickly becoming a favorite amongst bottled water enthusiast, and the company’s sales figures are a testament to that fact. As a relative newcomer in the bottled water sector, Waikea has enjoyed unprecedented growth; in fact, the company is currently valued at $10 million dollars, which represents a 170% annual rate of growth since it’s inception. To better contextualize this statement, when Waikea first began selling water they sold an average of 2,300 cases annually; today, however, the company is averaging over 120,000.

Why is Waikea water so successful? Well, they are doing something that their competitors are not, which is giving consumers what they want. Let’s face it, consumers who don’t care about the water they consume would simply drink tap water. Waikea is providing consumers with water that is sourced from the beautiful island of Hawaii, specifically the Mauna Los volcano. The water sourced from this volcano undergoes a natural filtration process as it passes over and through volcanic rock; during this process, the Hawaiian volcanic water is infused with an array of electrolytes and minerals, which have a variety of health benefits.

Once the water has been gathered, Waikea moves on to the bottling process, which is something that many consumers are interested in, especially the environmentally conscious. Unlike other bottled water companies, Waikea does not use BPA plastics to bottle their water. The company, instead, uses fully degradable recycled polyethylene terephthalate, which has been proven safer for the environment. In addition, this bottling process is far more cost-efficient, and these savings are passed on to the consumer.


The Meal Delivery Services That Athletes EVERYWHERE Love


Athletes understand that there is a direct correlation between peak performance and proper dieting. Not only is cooking healthy food time consuming, it can actually be pretty tricky! For these reasons, many athletes are turning to prepared meal delivery services in order to satisfy their diet while sticking to their training regiment. Meal delivery services are the ultimate way to save time, maximize your athletic potential, and eat healthier all at once. Today, we are going to delve into a couple of the best meal delivery services around in order to hopefully point you in the right direction.


Nutrisystem – Spend Less and Take Control of Your Diet.

We are going to start off our list by talking about Nutrisystem cost (https://purehealthyliving.net/nutrisystem-cost/). Nutrisystem is a meal delivery service that seeks to take all of the prep-work and calorie counting out of your hands. The goal with Nutrisystem is to introduce you to a completely regimented diet that is packed with nutrition and flavor. The designers of Nutrisystem understand that counting calories, tallying points, and paying attention to portion sizes can be problematic. For that reason, Nutrisystem lays out options for each meal, including snacks, that you simply pick your favorites from. Individually packaged, there is no easier way to get into your training rhythm. Nutrisystem is a great meal delivery service for athletes looking to cut weight or maintain their lean mass.


Pete’s Paleo – Welcome to the Flavor.

If you are into variety and want to eat from a selection of foods that are, well, perfect for our paleolithic ancestors — look no further. Pete’s Paleo is a popular meal delivery service that focuses on helping you bulk up with high-quality protein and GMO-free vegetables. Pete’s Paleo offers meal service orders in bulk with a range of different price points in order to cater to your budget. Everything is delivered on Friday and each meal will come protein heavy and clock in at around 600 calories. These are meat-heavy dishes for people that need protein to pack on the muscle while shifting away from fat.


Underground Prep – Classy Meal Delivery.

We’ll finish off our list by talking about Underground Prep, a meal delivery service designed by Chef Justin Aquino. Chef Aquino is an upper-crust chef from Beverly Hills who has earned a Cordon Bleu education. Aquino and the Underground Prep meal delivery service offer carefully calibrated meals that are hormone-free, gluten-free, and bereft of any sugar or dairy. Chef Aquino is a firm believer in tracking your macro-nutrients and that should be music to the ears of every diet-focused athlete reading these words. Right now Underground Prep is relegated to the West Coast but Chef Aquino is planning on spreading his business around the rest of the country here soon.


As you can see above, meal delivery services are clearly on the rise. The great thing about these services is that they offer athletes variety in a healthy, convenient and affordable package. Are you ready to maximise your fitness regiment?

Siteline Cabinetry Features Cabinets The Public Loves

Cabinets are a defining feature in every household. Everybody has different taste, but the over-all desire for cabinets is to be aesthetically pleasing and functional. There’s a lot that goes into choosing cabinets, and options are a priority for obtaining or renovating any area of the house!

Here are 7 cabinet trends that can help anybody in their search for the perfect cabinets. It’s not surprising that personalized cabinets is the single biggest cabinet trend. Personalized cabinets can meet the style, color, design, and functionality of the individuals needs. One of these needs and the second kitchen cabinet trend is clean lines and subtle designs. These will prove trendy throughout the times because they aren’t flashy or likely to get old. The third trend has lasted years is the shaker style. White, gray, and neutral colors are also proving popular for kitchen cabinets as the fourth biggest trend.

Functionality is another timeless trend as the fifth cabinet trend! Not only is style and color a necessity, but the cabinets have to have a functional design. Horizontal orientation cabinets are a trend that are working their way to the top as the sixth trend. Finally, our seventh kitchen cabinet trend is high tech kitchen cabinets, and they are working their way up with modern day needs! Check out Siteline Cabinetry on Instagram @luxcraftcabinet for cabinet inspiration ideas following these 7 trends.

Knowing about these trends is a huge step in finding kitchen cabinets, the next step is finding the perfect provider. Siteline Cabinetry has options to choose from and professional Siteline Cabinetry cabinetmakers that will help you find the perfect fit for any themed kitchen. Whether it be unique styles or the most classic of styles, there’s someone waiting to help you with it.

Creating a beautiful new look for your kitchen can be difficult, but Siteline Cabinerty is there to help through the process. Siteline Cabinetry has articles online to help, and they have employees you can speak with for a more interactive experience.

What’s great about Siteline Cabinetry is their options. Should you decide that the cabinets and renovation experience was worth having, they also have doors and bathroom items! Whatever your need for renovation is, Siteline Cabinetry is the answer and can bring a special taste to any room with their cabinets. Additionally, Siteline works with companies like Royal Kitchen & Baths that will set up an appointment with one of their designers to help you choose the best Siteline cabinet that works best for you!

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