Cotemar’s Ethical Actions and Considerations

Cotemar is a part of Pemex, a leading petroleum producer in Mexico. As a leader of many subsidiaries, Cotemar is responsible for the hospitality regarding their staff. This is especially important as many staff is located on vessels at sea, primarily in the Gulf of Mexico. The accommodations provided to staff are typically in cabins that house two to four workers per unit. This is a large task as there are more  than 4,000 employees that must be cared for. Learn more about Cotemar:

Cotemar provides not only the food service but also housekeeping, laundry, recreation, and other entertainment areas. It’s critical to keep the staff both happy and healthy as they are always within close proximity.

Cotemar’s service branch is a prime example of how the company applies its institutional values. Integrity is among the top values on the list. The company always makes sure it meets its obligations and acts within the guidelines established legally and ethically. Reliability is another value that defines Cotemar. They strive to meet their obligations not only to employees but in all aspects of the business.

Innovation is another value of Cotemar. The company always tries to find new and better ways to do things. This is clear in all aspects of the business, as Cotemar’s history reflects many changes and improvements throughout the years. Collaboration is clearly a value at Cotemar. The company works in unison to ensure that not only customers are happy, but employees and others involved in the process such as suppliers.

Responsibility is, of course, an important value to Cotemar. Since Cotemar is a business that deals with many different companies, employees, contractors, and equipment, acting in a responsible manner are a must. Cotemar takes this initiative seriously and applies it in every scenario.

Cotemar also addresses corporate social responsibility with the same respect. As Cotemar not only affects the customers and employees it serves, it recognizes the communities affected as well. Taking a proactive role in initiatives such as supporting events to help employ locals, Cotemar is a recognized brand name with most Mexicans.

Cotemar also supports the environment. Initiatives like tree planting and community events that help beautify neighborhoods are regular events at Cotemar. The company boldly recognizes that supporting the environment isn’t just for the citizens best interest, but also the company’s as well. It’s with these ethical actions and considerations that Cotemar continues as a leading corporation in Mexico.