Succeeding in Real Estate Investing; the Story of Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is one of the most successful investors in the real estate industry. He has been in business for the past few decades and has managed to improve his investment portfolio. Unlike most of the investors that started out with him, when Todd was starting out, he did not have a lot of financial support. The only thing that he had going was great business ideas. When he looked at the investment options that he had at the time, he realized that real estate investing was one of the most lucrative and decided it was going to be his niche.

He got some training as a realty agent. Then, because he did not have the capital to go out on his own, he started collecting references and contacts within the industry. These included players such as realtors, property valuers, CPAs and many other professionals. These connections would eventually become very instrumental for him because he used them to start his first referral business.

The one thing that Todd usually says about business is that you know you are doing it right when you provide the client with a service that wasn’t open to them in the past. This is what Todd Lubar aimed to bring to the real estate investment sector. He had realized that there were many inequalities in the business and in particular, the fact that there were some people who did not have the privilege of accessing services such as mortgages. This became his target market. He looked for backing from the right financial institutions and started a mortgage lending business for people whose credit scores locked them out of the conventional mortgage market.

This is a move that has considerably paid off for Todd because over 7,000 individuals who were previously unable to get a home have been housed, all because of his efforts. Todd has managed to make the dreams of owning property come true for people who previously thought it was impossible. Besides his business and entrepreneurial exploits, he is also a family man. When Todd Lubar is not working, he either spends time at home with his family or takes part in various charities.

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George Soros Fear for Europe’s Future not Far-Fetched

Renowned hedge fund billionaire George Soros fears for Europe’s future following the Brexit vote. According to a news report published in Forbes magazine on June 27 2016, Soros had predicted that a “Yes” vote to succeed from the EU would cause the UK pound to plunge, in a move that will spark a sell off on stock market across Europe and the rest of the world. A day after the referendum vote, the British currency dropped to levels last witnessed 30 years ago, global markets followed suite with panic selling gripping the major indices in Europe. Shares of some British banks dropped by as much as 20% as the troubled persisted.

The shares of leading blue chip lenders such as Lloyd’s and Barclays remained low on the first day of trading after the vote. Across the Atlantic, S&P 500 index closed 3.6% down on the aftermath. Soros made big fortune estimated at over $1 billion during the “Black Wednesday” event of September 16, 1992 when he correctly positioned the market for a pound selloff. His net worth is currently estimated by at $25 billion. Although Soros made money with his Brexit prediction and from a string of recent bearish trades, he has warned policy makers, investors and politicians to be weary of Brexit. He fears that the net effect of the Brexit vote could lead to the breakup of the European Union.

In the worst case scenario, the disintegration could lead to the breakup of the United Kingdom and cause a national economic calamity such as the one witnessed during the 2007-2008 economic crisis. Some of his warnings have been published in leading journals such as the Project Syndicate. The highly opinionated billionaire born in Hungary fled the country following the NAZI occupation to pursue education in the UK. Today, he is a fierce critic of President Donald Trump and is a longtime supporter of the Democratic Party and liberal causes. According to a Politico article published on July 2016, Soros made a huge comeback in the 2016 election cycle with an announcement of a huge donation.

He committed $25 million to support the Democratic presidential nominee for president, Hillary Clinton and other candidates downstream. Mr. Michael Vachon, Soros top advisor told the press that the decision taken by his boss was mainly as a result of the high political stakes, consistent support for the Democratic Party and affection with Clinton’s candidacy. On philanthropy, Soros is a vocal supporter of disability rights, international justice, counterterrorism and women. According to an excerpt on Inside Philanthropy, George Soros is a major donor to various civil and human rights organizations, among them the Human Rights Institute, UNICEF and the International Crisis Group.

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The Distinguished Career Of Mikhail Blagosklonny

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a cancer and aging scientist. He is a professor of Oncology at the esteemed Roswell Park Cancer Center in Buffalo, New York. Roswell Park is one the institutions that offer comprehensive cancer treatment. Mikhail pursued his medical studies at the prestigious First Pavlov Medical University in Russia. He also earned his PhD in experimentation medicine from the same institution. Later, he moved and settled in the United States. Previously, Mikhail taught at the New York Medical College in Valhalla. He also worked for Ordway Research Institute in Albany as a senior scientist. View Mikhail’s profile on Loop

Blagosklonny has a distinguished career in the field of oncology. Over the years, he has been researching about therapies for aging and cancer. Mikhail has developed a keen interest in finding cures that can kill infected cancer cells without interfering with the normal cells. One of his research zeroed in on the possible role of TOR signaling in cancer and aging. He is one of the proponents of Rapamycin, a drug that is capable of treating cancer. Rapamycin inhibits MTOR. This way, it prolongs the life span of an individual. In cancer, over-activation of MTOR signaling enhances the initiation and development of tumors. Mikhail found out that MTOR activity is deregulated in many types of cancer. Rapamycin was found to increase lifespan in mice. Mikhail believes that cancer patients should use that the drug to prolong their lives as it destroys cancer cells. Mikhail Blagosklonny is the brain behind the aging hyper-function theory that focuses on chemotherapeutic engineering. He has published over 270 papers in peer-reviewed journals, with more than 25,000 citations. Mikhail is the editor-in-chief of various widely read journals, including Cell Cycle, Oncotarget, Aging and Oncoscience. In addition, he works as an associate editor for Cancer Biology & Therapy. Mikhail has seen providing Cell Death & Differentiation with innovative ideas by virtue of sitting on its editorial board. His involvement in the field of cancer and aging has made him one of the renowned oncology scientists in the world. Over the years, he has exhibited a strong love for humanity and a deep vision to create a world free of diseases. Visit ResearchGate.Net to learn more about Mikhail’s latest work.

Betsy DeVos-A New Kind of Leader

Betsy DeVos is an American businesswoman and philanthropist, who has recently been nominated by President Donald Trump to become the new Secretary of Education in 2017. Mrs. DeVos was born in Michigan in 1958 where she attended Holland Christian School and later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Political Science.

DeVos has spent her career as chairwoman of the Windquest Group, founded by her husband in 1989. The focus of this nonprofit group is investments in technology, clean energy, and manufacturing. Windquest also promotes the arts and its lifetime charitable giving was noted at $139 million, making America’s top list of givers.

President George W. Bush named DeVos to the Board of Directors of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in 2004, and she served until 2010. She and her husband donated 22.5 million to continue the work to teach managers how to fundraise in 2010.

Betsy DeVos is well known for her support of school choice for parents. She believes the education system as it exists now, is broken and holds a monopoly on education. DeVos firmly asserts that the use of school vouchers would encourage parents to send their students to private schools with public funding. She served as Chairwoman for the board of Alliance for School Choice as well as the All Children Matter PAC. DeVos has also served on the boards of Advocates for School Choice, the Education Freedom Fund and Choices for Children.

In November, 2016-President Elect Trump announced Betsy DeVos as his pick for the new Secretary of Education in 2017. His decision was lauded by many notable Republicans such as Jeb Bush who called the nomination an “outstanding pick.” Ben Sasse, a U.S. Senator, said,”DeVos has made a career out of standing up to powerful and connected special interest on behalf of poor kids who are too often forgotten by Washington.” The Washington post applauded Trump’s willingness to look outside his circle of loyalists.

DeVos and her husband have been active in Republican politics, giving over 17 million dollars to support candidates since 1989.

She has been a credible source of political power and influence, making her a solid candidate for Secretary of Education in the new Trump administration. Her experience with education and close ties with important leaders enrich her promise for the position. Nomination hearings were scheduled for early January 2017.

Betsy DeVos has dedicated her political and professional life to raising money for the arts and her beliefs in school choice for families. President Trump recognized the leadership and potential in Mrs. DeVos when he searched for a strong leader in the field of Education for the United States. Observers feel sure she will be approved.

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